Ex-lawmaker Sergey Zirinov denies friendship with Ded Hasan

Ex-lawmaker Sergey Zirinov denies friendship with Ded Hasan
Sergey Zirinov in a court room Photo: Vladimir Anosov / Rossiyskaya Gazeta

The defendant in a high-profile criminal case called the accusations of prosecutors groundless.

The North Caucasus District Military Court has ended hearing arguments in the case of the Kuban businessman and former lawmaker Sergey Zirinov. In addition to the main suspect, the case involves his former driver Eduard Paladyan, entrepreneurs Karnik Aslanyan and Anastas Tilgerov, and former administrator of the Krasnodar Regional Court Evgeny Aleksandrovich, who are charged under three articles — robbery, murder, and possession of weapons.

The prosecution and the defense have been speaking before the jury for three weeks. The debate ended with the speech from Sergey Zirinov himself. The ex-lawmaker continues to insist on his innocence and claims that accusations against him are unsubstantiated.

- As for me, I have not heard the most important thing in all these speeches — what exactly proves my guilt? ... Also, I have not heard what was my motive to commit all of these crimes, - the Kuban businessman said, as quoted by 1rnd.ru.

Zirinov is charged with participation in the murder of director of Anapa sanatorium Malay Bukhta, Vitaly Sadovnichy, the owner of Tovary Dlya Detey store Salman Nabiyev, and attempted murder of Anapa ataman Nikolay Nesterenko, which resulted in the death of his driver Viktor Zhuk. All the murders, according to prosecutors, were committed out of greed. However, the Kuban businessman believes the charges are fictious.

- Could a person, who in 1999 had the means to invest in business development more than 300 million of his own funds, organize a gangs and kill people for 500 thousand or a million? - Zirinov turned to the jury. - That is the sum in question in the cases of Sadovnichy and Nabiyev.

The investigation also alleged that the businessman and former lawmaker had contact with the criminals and even thieves in law, in particular with Ded Hassan. Zirinov stresses the case contains no evidence to support this. The only person who claimed Zirinov was a friend of Aslan Usoyan, was the victim, Nikolay Nesterenko.

- Nesterenko said in court that he saw us (Zirinov and Ded Hasan) together. He read it on the Internet or heard from someone, — the businessman seems surprised. – Can the rumors may serve as the grounds for the charge? I know Ded Hassan just as much as all of you. I am not responsible for the fact that all the news begins with the criminal chronicle! I know about it from the media, nothing more than that.

During the debate, Zirinov also said that prosecutors had failed to poisitively prove his involvement in the creation of an organized crime group. The defendant pointed out the absurdity of the attempts of investigators to make the group seem armed, citing specific examples of inconsistencies in the criminal case.

At the end of his speech, Zirinov once again turned to the jury.

- The prosecution says that I am not a true angel. I admit it. But I've never been a killer and never will be, - the accused concluded.

Zirinov’s case nears its end. After the debate is over, the participants of the process will be given a chance to reply. Then the defendant will have his last word, after which the jury will make a decision.



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