Ex-colonel of Ministry of Internal Affairs, convicted of association with organized crime group, demanded 500 thousand rubles for moral harm compensation

Ex-colonel of Ministry of Internal Affairs, convicted of association with organized crime group, demanded 500 thousand rubles for moral harm compensation
Sergey Kotsyubinsky, ex-colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Sergey Kotsyubinsky, ex-colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA), convicted of taking bribes from bandits, demanded in Saransk court 500 thousand rubles for moral harm compensation.

In his lawsuit, the former high-ranked officer of the MIA for the Republic of Mordovia stated that he was unlawfully charged with participation in a criminal group and malfeasance.

The regional Administration of the Federal Treasury was named the defendant in this lawsuit. However, the Leninsky District Court of Saransk estimated moral harm sustained by the former crooked cop at only 2,000 rubles.

During the court hearings, it was determined that ex-colonel Sergey Kotsyubinsky used to be an informant for ‘Mordva’ – one of the most influential criminal groups in the 13th region.

Interestingly, the former officer was serving in the department for combatting organized crime and had a reputation of experienced operative. Thanks to his input, the law enforcement authorities managed to solve a number of high-profile criminal cases, including murder of Viktor Lavrov, the Head of Law Enforcement Officers Association of the Republic of Mordovia.

However, all efforts of the law enforcement to detain Vladimir Kazanin, a boss of the gang the ex-colonel was working for, failed. Colleagues of Kotsyubinsky suspected that there were ‘agents’ in the law enforcement, who provided cover for the organized crime group. These suspicions have been confirmed after searches of gang members: police officers found photos of gangsters’ competitors from the MIA database.

Then the investigation found that gang boss Vladimir Kazanin and the Head of the criminal police Sergey Kotsyubinsky were maintaining contact with each other. The police officer was providing the boss of Mordovskie with classified information related to the investigation. The bandits were rewarding the colonel generously for this information.

The investigation also found that the wealth of the colonel has increased by 2.8 million rubles during the period of his collaboration with the organized crime group. In February 2008 a henchman of Vladimir Kazanin paid another 250 thousand to Kotsyubinsky. After the sum has changed hands, both of them were arrested.

The court hearings of the criminal case against Kazanin, Makovchuk, Kotsyubinsky and their accomplices had lasted for almost two years. The case was heard by a panel of jurors. Case materials included 184 volumes.

The court has sentenced ex-colonel Sergey Kotsyubinsky to 7 years and 4 months behind bars. In addition, all the money received from the gang has been confiscated. The court has also imposed arrest on real assets of the ex-colonel: 2 homes and 5 apartments in Saransk, two service facilities, and a garage where he owned a 50% share.

Notably, the former policeman was never transferred to a penal colony – he served his whole term in a pretrial detention facility. Sergey Kotsyubinsky filed a petition for release on parole, but the court declined his request.

After the release, the ex-officer filed a lawsuit to recover his arrested assets. The Leninsky District Court of Saransk has granted his request. A few months later, the ex-colonel filed a new lawsuit: this time he requested to compensate moral harm sustained by him – because in addition to bribe taking, Kotsyubinsky was accused of participation in a criminal society using official powers.

With regards to this part of the lawsuit, the panel of jurors have acquitted Sergey Kotsyubinsky and recognized his right to rehabilitation. The ex-colonel also claimed that he was kept in harsh conditions in the pretrial detention facility and, having some chronic illnesses, had no access to qualified treatment.

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation and the Prosecutor’s Office were named as third parties. The institutions asked the court to dismiss the lawsuit. Sergey Kotsyubinsky failed to attend the court hearing. In addition, the ex-colonel did not provide any evidence of his chronic illnesses. Neither has he confirmed that was deprived of required medical assistance in the pretrial detention facility.

Ultimately, the court has ruled that the requested compensation was too high and ordered to pay him 2 thousand rubles instead of half-million. 



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