Former co-owner of Vityaz hockey team put on wanted over organization of criminal community

Former co-owner of Vityaz hockey team put on wanted over organization of criminal community
Oleg Strekalov

The businessman is charged with swindle and organization of a criminal community.

A criminal case is initiated under articles 210 (Organization of a Criminal Community) and 159 (Swindling) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation against former co-owner of Vityaz hockey team Oleg Strekalov. The businessman is put on the federal wanted list, RBC reports with reference to a source in the Investigative Committee of Russia and also to a source in the police station of the Chekhovsky area.

Besides, Strekalov is a defendant in the case of another Chekhovsky businessman - Nikolay Pavlinov famous in narrow circles as Pavlin (Peacock) and for close friends as Kolya (with an accent on a final syllable).

As the CrimeRussia wrote earlier, he has passed through a way from an active member of the Podolsk organized criminal group to an ‘authoritative’ businessman. Besides, he is known for the fact that he financially supported such famous boxers as Denis Lebedev and Aleksander Povetkin. By the way, the athletes came to support the patron at the hearing of Babushkinsky Court, which on August 15 passed the decision on Pavlinov's arrest.

As it is established by the investigation, Pavlinov and Strekalov created a criminal scheme – by providing counterfeit resolution of an old sample on registration of the property right to a land plot in Chekhovsky department of the Federal State Budgetary Institution Federal Cadastral Chamber of the Federal Registration Service branch of the Moscow Region, they petitioned for entering into the State Immovable Property Cadaster of data on the site and received the new certificate.

After receiving the documents, they resold the site to figureheads – by creating a positive history of the site they brought it to the market, a source of RBC reports. The swindlers performed such operations with the unlocated lands, which were federal property: lands of the Ministry of Defence, forestry, Rosavtodor. A part of the lands had the status of specially protected territories.

It is remarkable that as a source in the Investigative Committee told RBC, Pavlinov registered most part of the real estate objects to his son Aleksander and to authorized representative Igor Krylovsky. At the same time, Strekalov, according to the investigation, participated in the development of the schemes connected with the plunder of lands of the Chekhovsky area.

Besides, Deputy Head of Federal Tax Service Inspectorate of Russia in Chekhov Yulia Ivanova, businessman Danis Nizametdinov, commander of the military unit in the city of Chekhov-3 Andrey Vasilenko and realtor Igor Rodchenkov became defendants of Pavlinov’s criminal case.

It is noted that criminal cases of Strekalov and Pavlinov include several tens of episodes.

It should be added that according to the Telegram-channel 'Oper slil' (Field Officer Leaked), intelligence agencies decided to interfere with a situation only after Strekalov started to take out his assets abroad and also to develop his business in Ukraine, his motherland.



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