"Everything's falling down." Major General comments on recent arrests in FSB

"Everything's falling down." Major General comments on recent arrests in FSB

The generals who came to the FSB from the KGB claim that they do not understand where did so many criminals in the system come from.

Major-General of the FSB reserve Alexander Mikhailov admitted that the case of the FSB officers accused of robbery at a bank and embezzling 140 million rubles ($2.2mln) shocked many generals of the department. Mikhailov noted that this state of affairs causes serious concerns and speaks about the big problems of state security.

The Major General recalled that only the day before the affairs of the “big chiefs of service,” who had appropriated the “insane” amounts of money, thundered. 

“It feels like everything is falling down. I want to tell you that all the old employees are shocked by what is happening. During my entire service in the Moscow KGB, and I worked there for 20 years, there were only three criminal cases,” the major general commented on the situation.

Mikhailov believes that "the state of affairs takes on a threatening character."

“None of the people from the old guard understands where that number of criminals in the system came from. It is also disturbing that today we are confronted with the widest range of units that are involved in criminal activity. We repair it in one spot and it breaks down in another one,” the retired major general shared his vision of the situation.

He also states that he does not see the factors under which a positive turn in the structure would take place.

Earlier, seven FSB officers suspected of robbery in a Moscow bank were sent under house arrest and to jail. Among them there were employees of Alpha, Vympel and at the end of the disgraced banking Department K of the FSB. Recall that the colonel of this department, Kirill Cherkalin, was found to have 12 billion rubles ($188mln) at home. According to the source, after the withdrawal of these funds, as well as during other searches, part of the money disappeared. In addition, 7 detainees of the FSB conducted unofficial “search events” at shadow bankers when they learned about the location of a large amount of illegal money. Under the guise of a search, they stole large sums of money and loaded them into body armor.



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