Ethnic gang members and rogue cops on trial 

Ethnic gang members and rogue cops on trial
Salman and his dough Photo: A still from a video

The gang acted in collusion with STSI officers.

The Investigative Committee passed a case of the members of an ethnic criminal group which under the guise of leasing stole elite foreign cars from Moscow region auto dealers to court, said ICR’ official spokesperson Svetlana Petrenko. The damage from the activities of the hijackers amounted to more than 40 million rubles.

The gang operated from January 2015 to April 2016. Arslan Abdullayev, Khizar Chapayev, Salman Ismailov and their accomplices sold stolen cars to foreigners or drove them outside the Russian Federation, mainly to Kazakhstan. The group consisted of more than 30 people, including four employees with leasing companies. Two traffic police officers assisted the gang in the implementation of fraud schemes.

According to the investigation, the hijackers have developed a scheme using fly-by-night firms. For credibility, they used fake forms, stamps and even signs. Thanks to this, they managed to undergo checks by security services. The gang was able to steal 15 cars. When trying to sell two more foreign cars the fraudsters were detained by operatives of the MIA and FSB.

One of the members of the group posted a video on the Internet, calling it Salman and dough. In it, he boasted of the money earned by criminal means and an expensive smartphone, stating that he could afford to flash the cash.

Charges in the case were brought against 18 accomplices, nine more are on the federal wanted list. Three members of the group agreed to cooperate with the investigation and gave full confessions. They have already been sentenced to various terms of imprisonment. The liquidation of the group in May 2016 was reported by the official spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior Irina Volk. Initially, the case of the hijackers was investigated by the police, but later, when it became known that the traffic police officers were complicit in the stealings, the case was passed to the ICR.



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