Engels criminal Nefed asks court to release him on parole

Engels criminal Nefed asks court to release him on parole

In Omsk the Kuybyshev District Court has registered an appeal from Yury Nefedov, in which the Engels bandit and killer asks for conditional release.

Let us recall that after the verdict he was traditionally transferred to the red region.

Meanwhile, the convicted person has a number of unliquidated obligations. In particular, Yury Nefedov is in debt to the tax authorities – the amount of arrears is 82 thousand rubles. Moreover, he has yet to pay off the moral damages amounting to 300 thousand rubles to the injured party.

As previously reported by the CrimeRussia, Yury Nefedov, nicknamed Nefed in criminal circles, is the leader of an organized crime group in the Engels district in the Saratov region. In mid-2012, the court found him guilty of committing a number of crimes, and sentenced him to 8.5 years of imprisonment in a penal colony. In particular, there are the following crimes on his account: organization of murder, banditry, kidnapping, extortion as part of an organized criminal group, acts of violence in connection with preliminary investigation, hooliganism, intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm, and illegal possession of weapons.

Yury Nefedov was detained in autumn 2010 by Saratov operatives during a large-scale special operation. The chaos perpetrated by the group in the region back then was dubbed Engelskaya Kushchevka. Apart from Nefed, law enforcers managed to arrest about 20 people; among them were thieves, gangsters, as well as officials and businessmen associated with them. Particularly, the detainees included the legendary thief in law Tengiz Ozmanov (Dato Kuvalda) and the Head of the Engels district Mikhail Lysenko.

The criminal group possessed an extensive arsenal of weapons; they possessed guns, grenade launchers, rifles, machine guns, TNT blocks, sawn-off guns, assault rifles, and grenades.

Investigative bodies found that it was Mikhail Lysenko, then an official, who ordered the hit on the thief in law Nikolay Balashov to Nefed at the end of the 90s. The victim was shot by masked killers immediately after meeting with Nefedov.

Moreover, one of the businessmen, a confidant of the murdered kingpin Nikolay Balashov, had been kidnapped by Nefedov's OCG members. Gangsters brutally tortured him and cut off his finger phalanx. There was a real massacre between the Nefedov and Balashov's crime groups back then. A lawyer, who who was seeking incriminating information against Lysenko, lost an eye due to a member of Nefedov organized crime group shooting him in the face. A journalist who had been nosing around Lysenko was found dead with a fractured skull. Meanwhile, the court only managed to prove the fact of Mikhail Lysenko receiving a large bribe, as it involved extortion.



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