Drunya the hitman faces 23 years in high-security jail for 11 murders

Drunya the hitman faces 23 years in high-security jail for 11 murders
Andrey Dryunin’s detention in the spring of 2015

Andrey Dryunin claims Metsenatovskaya gang had hired for murders has been found guilty of creating his own criminal enterprise.

The Trans-Baikal Regional Court delivered another verdict to Andrey Dryunin (aka Drunya Jr), an assassin for hire from Metsenatovskaya gang (Osinovskaya gang’s power support).

The hitman was sentenced to 23 years, the first five of which he will spend in prison, and the remainder in a strict-regime colony. Note that the murderer was convicted in view of a previous verdict delivered in April 2016, when the Central District Court of Chita gave Andrey Dryunin 9 years of a strict-regime colony for attempting to kill three persons.

The court found Drunya guilty of 57 intentional grave and particularly grave crimes committed between 2000 and 2013. Andrey Dryunin was charged with 11 homicides, two abductions, 20 offences of extortion, five robberies and other crimes under 12 articles of the Russian Criminal Code. Among other things, the hitman was convicted under part 1 of Art. 210 of the Criminal Code (Creation of a Criminal Community). Apparently, the investigation considered Drunya the leader of a group of hitmen. No details of the criminal offences were revealed by the investigation or the prosecution.

According to the newspaper Vechorka, Andrey Dryunin has been involved in the murder of a number of mafia figures: Sergey Cheskidov (Kashkoed), Viktor Kravtsov (Kravets), Nikolay Parygin (Paryga) and Andrey Knyazhev (Knyaz), as well as of Andrey Anansky (Anan), another murderer for hire. In addition, the sources of the CrimeRussia reported that Drunya is also responsible for the murder of Vladimir Vlasko (Volodya Khokhol), a big Trans-Baikal crime lord.

It is reported that when passing the sentence, the court took into account Dryunin’s three children, positive characteristics and chronic diseases he had.

The case against the hitman was considered in a special order, as the killer had signed a pre-trial cooperation agreement. Also, when giving the allocution, Drunya asked the victims (over 50 people, 24 of whom are Chinese citizens) to forgive him.

The Trans-Baikal Regional Court satisfied psychological damage claims by the victims. Dryunin is obliged to compensate emotional damage for 8.5 million rubles ($140.000) and material damage of 1.2 million rubles ($20.000).

The court's verdict has not yet come into legal force and can be appealed by the parties.



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