Domodedovskiye gang leader Deryuga detained in Moscow region 

Domodedovskiye gang leader Deryuga detained in Moscow region
Vladimir Deryuzhkin and his gang

The CrimeRussia has data that say the members of Deryuga’s gang were involved in a shootout that occurred between legal and illegal carriers at one of the fuel filling stations in Domodedovo district.

Domodedovo witnessed the detention of criminal authority Vladimir Deryuzhkin dubbed Deryuga. The press service of the regional department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) informs that a TT pistol and 8 bullets to it were confiscated from the detainee.

According to the latest information, Tatyana Petrova, head of the press service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia in the Moscow region, noted that Deryuzhkin "monitored the activities of criminal groups engaged in extortion from entrepreneurs of Domodedovo district for providing criminal protection, and planned illegal actions against legal carriers using firearms".

As The CrimeRussia is informed, the members of Deryuga’s crime group took part in the shootout on April 10, 2017, which happened between legal (Rand-trans company) and illegal carriers at one of the Domodedovo gas stations. According to some sources, it was them who became the initiators of the brawl. The armed conflict resulted in one dead person, three more people were hospitalized with wounds.

The Department of Interrogation of the MIA initiated a criminal case against Deryuga under Art. 222 of the Criminal Code – Illegal acquisition, transfer, sale, storage, transportation or bearing of weapons, its basic parts, ammunition – according to which he may face up to 4 years in prison. By the court decision the Domodedovo criminal was imprisoned. At present the siloviki are conducting a complex of measures aimed at establishing the involvement of the authority in other crimes in the Domodedovo district.

According to Rosbalt, Deryuga was appointed mafia enforcer in the Domodedovo district by Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy) and representatives of his clan in 1993. Deryuzhkin and his accomplices, numbering up to 70 people, have taxed many businessmen working both in Domodedovo and in other districts of Moscow suburbs adjacent to Kashirskoye Highway – Leninsky, Stupinsky, Vidnovsky and Kashirsky.

The power wing of the group was headed by Sergey Sergeev nicknamed Sailor, Alexander Tumanov dealt with financial issues. The bandits mainly covered taxi drivers and bus drivers that worked in the Domodedovo airport area, as well as controlled realtors, market traders and small business owners.


Sergey Sergeev (Sailor)

According to the operative data, Deryuga carefully monitored compliance with the thieves’ traditions in the organized criminal group, and permanent presence of some influential criminal in the district. Notably, exclusively Slavic thieves in the law were involved. First, Stepan Furman (Stepa Murmansky) settled in Domodedovo. He was repeatedly rounded up in this town for possession of weapons and fights (in one of them the thief was stabbed in the chest), but he always avoided responsibility. Furman was convicted in 2008, when he was detained with drugs in a club on the St. Petersburg – Moscow route. After him close friend of Furman and of thief in law Vyacheslav Ivankov, nicknamed Yaponchik, criminal Sergey Akimov (Akim Volgogradsky) continued to closely cooperate with Domodedovskiye. He also controlled the activities of a number of gangs in the Lipetsk region. In August 2010 officers of the MIA Main Directorate of the Central Federal District detained Akim Volgogradsky with 9 grams of marijuana and a fake passport, but another thief in law came to replace him in Domodedovskiye gang. It was Viktor Panyushin (Pan), under whose command gangs in the Kursk, Belgorod and Orel regions were.

The defeat of Domodedovskiye began 7 months after the appearance of Pan in the distrcit. The reason for it was the statement of businessman Boris Weisfligel, whom the bandits tried to force to pay tribute in 2009. Weisfligel lived in the US for a long time, where he worked as a taxi driver, and then returned to his native Domodedovo district, where he founded company Kit, which unites 60 illegal taxi drivers. Weisfligel was the first businessman in the district who ventured to declare about Domodedovskiye in law enforcement agencies.

In March 2011 Deryuga and some of his assistants, including Sergeev, Pikalov and Tumanov, were detained.

In August 2013 the members of the group were brought to court on charges of Extortion (Art. 163 of the Criminal Code) and Robbery (Art. 162 of the Criminal Code). However, despite the fact that the state prosecutor asked for 10 years of imprisonment for Deryuzhkin, and for the rest – from 5 to 12 years, the sentences handed down to the bandits turned out to be extremely lenient. The bandits received 3 years of general regime and 5 years only in one case. The court punished Sergey Sergeev, nicknamed Sailor, whom the Prosecutor's Office asked to sentence to 12 years imprisonment, stricter than others.

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