Do lawless actions by bureaucrats and crime lords’ offsprings have something to do with genetics?  

Do lawless actions by bureaucrats and crime lords’ offsprings have something to do with genetics?
Boris Ivanyuzhenkov, former Russian Minister for Sport and a crime lord of a town of Podolsk

When golden youths commit outrages at the wheel of their high-end cars, it may be because they are patterning themselves on their tough dads who tend to tackle all the problems with the help of money.

Over the weekend, Russia has been really shaken by the reports on the VIP road accidents spearheaded by not-very-much-sober children of high-ranking fathers. The one we should thank for this public and media attention is Ruslan Shamsuarov, the son of a Vice-President of Lukoil, who was involved - just for the fun of it -in a GTA-like police chase around the streets of Moscow. While Shamsuarov along with his friend who was driving the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG are serving 15 days in jail, other golden youth kids made it even hotter alleging that they’re getting with it! Shortly thereafter, Anton Ivanyuzhenkov, 22, the son of former Russian Minister for Sport, battered down at full speed a public transport stop in a Moscow satellite town of Podolsk. And then, overnight into May 29th, Volkswagen Polo crashed into VAZ-111930 at Rechnikov Square, Cheboksary. Parties involved in the traffic collision were not specified in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, however the media reporters managed to find out that the 17-year-old Volkswagen driver Oleg Ladykov is the son of Aleksey Ladykov, Head of Administration of the city Cheboksary. According to available information, at the road traffic accident Ladykov Jr. was under the influence of alcohol and refused to take the blood alcohol test.


Behind a huge amount of facts, a number of significant details relating to one VIP road accident were swept under the rug. Had not this information been hidden, it would be possible to consider what happened from another angle.

So, early in the morning, on Saturday, two persons were injured in a major road accident that occurred in a Moscow satellite town of Podolsk. 22-year-old man behind the wheel of BMW X6 crashed into another vehicle and dashed against a public transport stop full of people. A 39-year-old woman was taken to the hospital in critical condition after being knocked down by the car. Another victim, 20-year-old man, is in fair condition but also had to lay in the hospital bed.

Later on, the most interesting titbit broke the surface. The road accident perpetrator turned out to be no other than 22-year-old Anton Ivanyuzhenkov, the son of Boris Ivanyuzhenkov, the Communist Party’s State Duma Deputy, former Russian Minister for Sport, Russian boxing federation’s President and Russian Paralympic Committee’s Senior Vice President. From the video that appeared on the Internet, it is seen that while the victims, doubled up with pain, were lying on the ground, Ivanyuzhenkov Jr. was hurryingly removing the license plates. Right off the bat, Ivanyuzhenkov Sr. meddled in the matter with his own comments upon what happened. The parliamentarian said it was a ‘tragic accident’ and offered the victims his ‘can-do’ assistance. The ex-Minister was heedful to mention the fact that his son was sober (which was confirmed by the expert examination) during the road accident and used to be engaged in sports activities, but had to drop it due to injuries. Anton Ivanyuzhenkov is now facing criminal charges according to the Article on violation of the rules for traffic safety and vehicle operation carelessly resulting in grievous bodily harm.

160528111349_lukoil_son_624x351_rianovosti_nocredit.jpgThe media highlighted the fact that Anton Ivanyuzhenkov’s defender was his father who used to fill a high-ranking post and now became the Communist Party’s State Duma Deputy. However, they did not go on digging up on him. In fact, they wouldn’t have had to dig very deep since any biographical background data on Boris Ivanyuzhenkov has been publicly available as early as the freewheeling 90s.

Boris Ivanyuzhenkov was born on February 25th, 1966, in Reutov, a town in Moscow Oblast. He graduated from vocational school №27 in a town of Podolsk. Then, he did military service in Russian Armed Forces. He was a couch in the Army’s sports club №13. In 1995, Ivanyuzhenkov graduated from Moscow State Academy of Physical Education and within a year became a Vice President of Russian Wrestling Federation, Senior Vice President of Russian Biathlon Union. In 1996, he founded and became the President of Vityaz, Podolsk Central Sports Club. In 1997, he was elected as Moscow Oblast Duma Deputy. In regional parliaments, he served as Deputy Head of Commitee for youth policy, physical education and sport. In 1999, he was promoted to Russian Minister for Physical Education, Sport and Tourism. In a year’s time, he founded Vityaz Ice Palace, a multi-purpose sports complex. In 2001, he was appointed to the position of Adviser to President of Russian State Committee for Sport. In 2003, he was elected as a President-Principal of Podolsk Social Sport Institute. In 2006, he became Russian Paralympic Committee’s Vice President, as well as President of Transregional Coordination Board of the Ice Hockey Federation of Russia. In 2007, he became Senior Vice President of Russian boxing federation.

In the background, distinguished from the aforementioned, Boris Ivanyuzhenkov goes by the nickname Rotan who has been featured in multiple police reports since 90s as an influential member of the Podolsk gang and a right hand of the gang’s leader Sergey Lalakin nicknamed Luchok within the crime rings. While in Luchok’s gang, Rotan worked with finance issues with not being above gangbanging and shooting with members of opposing Moscow-area gangs. 

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Снимок экрана 2016-05-30 в 13.04.32 копия.jpg

Снимок экрана 2016-05-30 в 13.04.10 копия.jpg

Снимок экрана 2016-05-30 в 13.18.21 копия.jpg

Along with the ‘boring’ biography, there is a more intriguing one on the Web. According to criminal records, Ivanyuzhenkov Boris Viktorovich goes by nickname Rotan in criminal environment. In July, 1988, he was detained by the police after the armed altercation with Chechen organized criminal gang near the Uzbekistan restaurant. In 1989, he happened to be a defendant in the case relating to collective rape. He then had to spend a few months in the predetention centre №3 in a town of Serpukhov. In 1990, he was discharged from custody. In September, 1992, the Minister-for-Sport-on-the-way took part in shooting between the warring gangs. The gangs’ (Sergey The Psycho Fedyaev’s and Vam’s) encounter took place at the village of Aleksandrovka in ‘negotiations’ concerning division of the spheres of influence. The negotiations drew bad consequences for the Psycho’s gang. Its leader was shot and killed, then his body was taken to the woods and cut into pieces by members of Vam’s gang. The latter gang’s leader Puzyr (Bubble) survived in the shooting but later succumbed to injuries in the hospital. In his extreme moments, he had enough time to list the names of those who took part in the shooting. It was recorded that among those who came to the altercation in Vam’s vehicle was Boris Ivanyuzhenkov, Kalashnikov and Ulianov - all three the masters of Greco-Roman wrestling. It is a known fact that in late August of the same year, the investigation department №19 of Regional Internal Affairs Directorate launched a criminal charge against Ivanyuzhenkov under art. 218, para 1 (illegal keeping of fire weapon) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, but it was closed in a while for some reason. Boris Ivanyuzhenkov was never again featured in criminal records after those massacre events. It looks like those were the first step to the legalization of Podolsk gang.


In 1997, Ivanyuzhenkov, 33, was elected as Moscow Oblast Duma Deputy. In regional parliaments, he served as Deputy Head of Commitee for youth policy, physical education and sport. In 1999, he was appointed to the position of Russian Minister for Physical Education, Sport and Tourism. Ivanyuzhenkov’s appointment to the Minister went unnoticed, but it was a momentous event that demonstrated clearly the fact that big-league politics and uncontrolled crime flock together. Prior to that, there was no man alive who had been on police records and then appointed high up in the civil service. At that date, according to the daily Kommersant, a number of experienced staff members of Directorate for Combating Organized Crime exchanged into another - more peaceful - unit. 
Лалакин Сергей Николаевич - (Лучок).png

‘We are sick and tired of this lawlessness. We’ll wait until the better day,’ - they explained their actions.

Ivanyuzhenkov’s appointment does not contravene the law. Moreover, by his own admission in an interview with the Kommersant, Ivanyuzhenkov was offered this position by Stepashin, former head of  Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) and Ministry of Internal Affairs.

‘He gave me a call, we talked, and he offered me this post. I thought it over for 4 days and gave an OK.’

Boris Ivanyuzhenkov and his crime lord Sergey Lalakin - who became a high-profile businessman, honours Podolsk citizen, patron of sport and quite a reputable person - are striking examples of Russia’s creme de la creme who grew up and got its spirits hard during the era of the total disarray in late 80s and early 90s. When golden youths commit outrages at the wheel of their high-end cars, it may be nothing else but patterning themselves on their tough dads who tend to tackle all the problems with the help of money. Quite likely! Life gives us a great many examples of the way the children of code-bound criminal lords suck in the underworld chick from an infant and dream of being a crowned thief and, as a result, become the latter.

On the other hand, Russian oligarchs, state-owned companies’ senior executives and other influential figures who live quite decent and peaceable life turn out to be at the center of a scandal due to their offsprings’ tricks. These children assume themselves special and think anything goes with them.

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