Disappearing Shakro Molodoy's cronies: Zviad Tbilissky is at stack 

Disappearing Shakro Molodoy's cronies: Zviad Tbilissky is at stack
Zviad Tbilissky

Thief in law Zviad Ozmanyan (Ozmanov), aka Zviad Tbilissky, is jailed for 10 years.⁠

As it became known, the other day the judge of the Kanavinsky Court of Nizhny Novgorod put a point in the case, the examination of which lasted almost 2 years. The main figure is Zviad Tbilissky, as well as his accomplices, Muradov's brothers, were found guilty of robbery, theft, threat of murder and possession of weapons and sentenced to 10, 9 and 8 years of imprisonment respectively.

Zviad Tbilissky, a relative of influential Shakro Molodoy, was detained in Moscow in late February 2014. During the personal search, there was found 1.8 g of heroin, for which he later received a term. In addition, Ozmanyan presented forged document to operatives.

Zviad Tbilissky served his term in Butyrka, where together with Vagif Baku, became famous for beating Dzhemo for the death of Hasan.


Zviad Ozmanyan, a native of Tbilisi, was crowned by the clan of Ded Hasan three weeks after his murder. Together with him Azerbaijanis Rashad Ganjinsky and Emin Ahmedov were accepted into the thieves' ranks; Emin Ahmedov then lost his status.

Soon it became known that the thief in law was involved in the robbery in Nizhny Novgorod, where he was sentenced. The kingpin did not admit his guilt, demonstrating alibi - photos from summer holidays.

According to the investigation, the thief in law robbed a Nizhny Novgorod businessman, who works in the sale of auto parts, in the company of two brothers Muradov in 2012. The investigation believes that the businessman was attacked by a tip: his daughter used to live with one of the raider brothers.


One of the Muradov brothers

Late in the evening, when the businessman drove up to his house, and began to open the garage door, three unknown persons attacked him with the words: "You were ordered!" Pushing the owner inside, they tied him to the chair, beat him and, putting the knife to his throat, began to find out where he kept the money. One of the attackers, having broken the extension cord, stripped the wires and threatened to torture him with electric current.

The businessman told where the safe and the key were. As a result, the robbers raked out all the cash, along with a few mink coats, mobile phones, gold coins (in total they stole property for more than a million rubles - $17.000). When they left, the businessman, tethered to the chair, managed to somehow jump to the stationary telephone and call for help. Despite the fact that the attackers covered part of the face with handkerchiefs, he recognized one of the raiders, the brother of his daughter's former bridegroom (the gunner himself did not participate in the attack). Later, the victim identified the thief in law, who ordered him.

The kingpin himself did not admit guilt in the attack during the investigation. He claimed that he was resting at that time on the Black Sea, and as an alibi he provided photographs with printed dates. However, there was no camera or phone from which they were made, and the lack of source did not inspire investigators. In addition, the injured businessman, according to the investigation, was under some pressure: some negotiators asked him to change the testimony for a large sum of money, and when he refused, began to threaten his relatives.

In addition to participating in the robbery, the thief in law was also accused of stealing three iPhones from the show-window of the mobile communication salon in the shopping center Novy Vek.

After examining the criminal case, the judge of the Kanavinsky court of Nizhny Novgorod decided that the thief in law and two of his accomplices were guilty of incriminating crimes and defined severe punishment for them.

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