Detention in Moscow: armed with WWII weapons policemen are members of interregional OCG  

Detention in Moscow: armed with WWII weapons policemen are members of interregional OCG

The activity of a large interregional group of arms dealers is eliminated. During the joint operational activities of security officials there were seized 97 firearms, mortar, 24 hand grenades throughout Russia, as well as drugs.

Employees of the FSB and the Interior Ministry of Russia eliminated the large interregional criminal group (OCG) of policemen arms dealers, who were detained on December 14 in Moscow at Garibaldi Street.

According to the FSB Public Relations Center, members of the criminal group were involved in illegal arms and its parts trafficking in different regions of Russia.

Police officers conducted searches in Moscow, Tula, Lipetsk, Smolensk, Kaluga and Novgorod regions, as well as in the Republic of Karelia as part of the case.


According to the FSB, as a result of searches from illicit trafficking there were seized a caliber of 55 mm mortar and 97 firearms of Russian and foreign production, as well as more than 150 guns’ main parts. In addition, the security forces confiscated 3500 ammunition of various calibres, five devices for noiseless and flameless fire, TNT (quantity is not specified) and 24 hand grenades. In addition, together with arms investigators found drugs - cocaine, methadone and cannabis.

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It is reported that in the framework of the operational-investigative activities there was found a workshop for the modernization of firearms, and three active members of organized crime group and its organizers were detained.

The FSB said that seized WWII 4 mortar shells, found in the car of one of the suspects on December 14 in Moscow at Garibaldi Street, were owned by the same OCG. It was reported that on suspicion of involvement in the arms trade and storage policemen were detained. At the present time, in respect of all the detainees it is decided whether to institute criminal proceedings under articles 222, 222.1, 223 of the Criminal Code.



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