Desperate to shoot: Ruzalik shared accomplices motives for killings

Desperate to shoot: Ruzalik shared accomplices motives for killings
Ruzal Asadullin

The Supreme Court of Tatarstan examined the leader of Complex 29 crime group charged with contract murders.

Leader of large criminal gang Complex 29 Ruzal Asadullin (Ruzalik) accused of murder told the judge about the reasons for his crimes.

During the hearing the defendant asked the state prosecution to remind him of his early testimony on alleged crimes he has not been convicted of yet. State prosecutor Angelina Olenina read off the case file where Asadullin admits that ordered hit men for Guryev and Bondarev, was involved in the killings of Alexey Flegontov, a member of Complex 29, and Aydar Israfilov, the Yelabuga (town in the Republic of Tatarstan) deputy.

Judge Ilfir Salikhov asked a few clarification questions to the former leader of the group. He was interested in the elimination of Flegontov. The defendant claimed that he shot the victim after his teammate, member of Complex 29 Marat Latypov. Ruzalik assured that Flegontov was already dead when his turn to shoot came. He added that the victim's body and head had three or four gunshot wounds. The defendant allegedly fired once or twice.

“Couldn’t you refuse Latypov?” – the judge asked.

“No”, - Asadullin answered confidently. 

To question "why?" Ruzalik replied: "I guess I would have been shot there, too".

As it was discovered before, it was Compex 29 founder Mansur Safin who instructed Latypov and Asadullin to kill Alexey Flegontov. Safin decided to ‘remove’ Flegontov after the latter when intoxicated began to tell the story of the murder of the leader of one of the criminal gangs in Menzelinsk on the order Complex 29 founder. Latypov and Asadullin got rid of Flegontov in August 1993 on M7 motorway in Yelabuga.

Concerning other alleged murders, in 1999 Ruzalik and another member of Complex 29 killed ex-member of crime group Aydaronovskiye, Yelabuga deputy. In 2001 already the defendant acted as an order-giver rather than as a hired feet. In Moscow he organized the killing of Bondarev and Guryev, citizens of Belarus and Ukraine, who in their turn came to the capital to do away with Asadullin.

Besides, relatives of the murdered assassins brought a civil lawsuit for 1.5 million rubles against Asadullin.

As The CrimeRussia previously told, Complex 29 gang from Naberezhnye Chelny is in charge of series of bloody crimes, the majority of its leaders and members were given a prison term they are serving now. At first Ruzal Asadullin managed to hide for a long time, and due to this he was declared wanted. In April 2012 he was detained in Kiev, and three years later he was sentenced to 24.5 years in prison for organizing a criminal community, banditry, murder (7 episodes), illegal use of firearms and weapons. At the moment he is in a prison camp.

After the investigation disclosed new episodes of Asadullin and his sidekicks’ crimes, Ruzalik concluded a pre-trial agreement with the investigation.



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