Deripaska’s ex-partner, associated with Podolskaya gang, becomes owner of Golden Mile compound in Ostozhenka

Deripaska’s ex-partner, associated with Podolskaya gang, becomes owner of Golden Mile compound in Ostozhenka
Apartment complex Golden Mile in Ostozhenka Street Photo: Forbes

The project was handed to Sergey Popov for debts from the former beneficiary of Peresvet Bank.

The owner of Golden Mile residential compound, which is under construction in Ostozhenka, became the enterprises of Oleg Deripaska's former partner Sergey Popov, who is regularly associated with Podolskaya crime group. This is reported by Forbes. Popov received the project for debts from the former beneficiary of Peresvet Bank, Mikhail Babel.

Construction of the apartment complex was started in 2012 by NBM Group. The President of the group, Babel, was arrested in 2016 on suspicion of embezzling the assets of co-investors in the construction of Terletsky Park and Zapadnye Vorota Stolitsy (Western Gate of the Capital) complexes. Credit for both projects was granted by Peresvet Bank. A few months after his arrest, Babel was released on bail of 10 million rubles ($158.7 thousand) and immediately flew to Israel.

In 2018, the owner of the long-term construction project changed. It was the beneficiary of company Idil Development, Sergey Popov. According to the company's CEO Dmitry Kachanovsky, Popov was a co-investor of the residential compound. The businessman got the project as repayment of Babel’s debt. Construction is planned to be resumed after the conclusion of a settlement agreement with the entity of Peresvet Bank - company Emix. Kachanovsky noted that there is an arrangement with finance and construction corporation Leader to finish building the apartment complex.

According to agency Kalinka Group, property in Ostozhenka is the most expensive in Moscow. The cost of one square meter in new buildings stands at 1.28 million rubles ($20.3 thousand), in the pre-owned market – at 1.7 million rubles ($26.9 thousand). The area of Golden Mile is more than 9900 square meters. There are 15 apartments in the residential compound. The investor will be able to raise about 4.5 billion rubles from the sale of real estate in the apartment building, said the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kalinka Group, Yekaterina Rumyantseva. According to the managing partner of Colliers International, Nikolay Kazansky, the cost of construction will be no less than 150-200 thousand rubles ($2.3-3.1 thousand) per square meter or 1.5-1.9 billion rubles ($23.8-30.1m) in total. Before the change of owner, preliminary sales were made in the project, but all transactions were rescinded, and the money was returned.

Popov was repeatedly called one of the leaders of Podolskaya gang along with Sergey Lalakin (Luchok). Currently, Popov together with Lalakin support the Tennis Academy in Podolsk. The businessman himself has always denied any connection with the criminal world. In 1990, he was sentenced to three years for extortion. In 1998, the case was sent for reconsideration. The court fully acquitted Popov "due to failure to identify events of the crime." In 2009, he provided Forbes with a copy of this decision, as well as papers in which he is featured as Oleg Deripaska's partner in the aluminum business. Popov claimed that he had rights to 10% of all assets in the Basic Element Holding company.

In 2012, Deripaska sued in London Mikhail Cherny, who tried to prove that in the 90s he helped the oligarch build a business. The founder of UC Rusal, in turn, claimed that he had only paid Cherny for ‘roofing.’ The dispute ended with an amicable agreement. Deripaska's lawyers asserted that Popov was also among the partners of Cherny.

At the trial, it was also reported that in 2001, Deripaska allegedly bought Podolskaya crime band off for $173 million. It was Popov that ostensibly came with a claim to him. According to the businessman himself, in the 90s he had many projects with Cherny and Deripaska. Also, he became the godfather of one of the oligarch’s daughters.



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