Deputy Reznik’s phone conversations could be found inadmissible due to wrong Spanish translation

Deputy Reznik’s phone conversations could be found inadmissible due to wrong Spanish translation
Vladislav Reznik

The lawyer of Vladislav Reznik said that the allegations were based on records of his client's phone conversations, and that there were some serious mistakes in the translation.

The defense lawyer of Deputy Vladislav Reznik, whom the Spanish prosecutor's office accuses of having links to the Tambovskaya gang, believes that the allegations are based on misinterpreted wiretapped records of his telephone conversations, Kommersant reported. Alexander Gofshtein said that "some extremely serious mistakes were made” as the records were being translated, and the translation “twisted the words".

Gofshtein also noted that 11 years of work on the Troika Operation was “obviously too much”. The celebrated Spanish judge Baltasar Garzon initiated the probe back then. He sanctioned the surveillance of suspects, phone tapping and other measures.

The operation helped Spanish policemen detain nearly two dozen suspects, who were tried as clients and assistants of the alleged Tambovskaya leaders, Gennady Petrov and Alexander Malyshev. The leaders moved to the Pyrenees from St. Petersburg. Petrov was detained in 2008, but released after a while and in 2012 he left for Russia together with his son Anton, who was also a suspect.

According to the prosecution, the defendants laundered money they got in Russia by criminal means since 1996. In particular, the funds were used to purchase expensive real estate in Madrid, Alicante, Malaga and Mallorca. In total, 50 million euros were wired to the accounts of the companies allegedly controlled by Petrov: Inmobiliaria Calvia 2001 SL, Inmobiliaria Balear 2001 SL, Drever Limited and Centros Comerciales Antei SL.

18 people are in the dock. Prosecution asked to sentence them to up to 5.5 years in prison and fines of up to 100 million euros. The charged against Gennady Petrov became a separate case, and the prosecutor's office asked for 8.5 years of imprisonment for him as the gang leader. Vladislav Reznik and his wife Diana Gindin are also among the accused. The prosecution considered he could have been involved in laundering criminal proceeds by purchasing real estate in a Spanish resort, while the deputy’s declaration does not feature any foreign assets. The prosecutor's office asked to sentence Reznik to 5.5 years in prison and a fine of 100 million euros.

Previously, the Spanish authorities had put Reznik on the international wanted list and were going to issue an arrest warrant for him, since they had records of his negotiations with criminal lords. However, soon he was removed from the wanted list, which allowed the parliamentarian and his wife to fly to Madrid. The Spanish lawyers of the Reznik family stated that there was no evidence that could prove their client was ever associated with any organized crime group. The defense is going to prove that the wrong translations of the wiretapped materials should be recognized as inadmissible evidence.



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