Deputy Prime Minister of North Ossetia who sold plant for nothing charged with OCC creation

Deputy Prime Minister of North Ossetia who sold plant for nothing charged with OCC creation
Deputy Prime Minister of North Ossetia Valentin Bazrov

Earlier, Deputy Chairman of the Government Valentin Bazrov had been accused of appropriation and embezzlement, committed as part of an organized group on an especially large scale.⁠

Former Deputy Chairman of the North Ossetia Government Valentin Bazrov is suspected of OCC creation. Earlier, a criminal case under part 4 of Art. 160 of the Russian Criminal Code (Misappropriation or Embezzlement, committed by an organized group on an especially large scale) had been initiated against the official. He was placed under house arrest in March 2017, REGNUM reports.

In 2006, when Valentin Bazrov served as regional minister for industry and entrepreneurship, he and director of the plant Ruslan Gazaev, appointed by him, as well as the head of another organization under his control developed a scheme for the sale of the Razryad plant in Vladikavkaz at a loss. The enterprise turned out to have fictitious debts; the actual cost of production premises and land plots at the time of buy-out was understated. According to some information, the cost was understated 40 times from their real value.

The investigation revealed that three crime group operated under Bazrov’s control, which were assigned certain roles at each stage of sale of the plant and its territories. First, the production premises and the plant’s territory had been illegally expropriated, and then all property was sold to affiliated commercial companies at a low price. The amount of the fraud was about 300 million rubles ($4.9 million). 

Apart from Bazrov, the crime group included Head of the Federal Property Management Agency for North Ossetia Alan Tsabiev, against whom the criminal case was initiated as early as in 2016. 

Let us note that the requalification of charge may have procedural implications. Under Art. 160, the statute of limitations expires after 10 years. Whereas, it takes 15 years under Art. 210. The prime minister and his two accomplices have been placed under house arrest. 

The Razryad plant was founded in 1961. It is specialized in the production of high-precision light equipment; it used to bear the status of a federal state unitary enterprise. 

According to  EADaily, the consequences of machinations at the Razryad plant became apparent in 2014, when the plant was transferred under the management of Rostech State Corporation along with other defense enterprises of North Ossetia. Back then, it turned out that the did not have enough production facilities to execute a state defense order. 

To recall, Head of North Ossetia Taymuraz Mamsurov appointed Valentin Bazrov to the post of deputy prime minister of the republic’s government in June 2009. Prior to that, he had been the minister of industry and entrepreneurship for 5 years. Law enforcement bodies took interest in Valentin Bazrov’s activity as early as in 2012. The prosecutor's office checked the legality of the decision of the government of North Ossetia of 2009, under which about 16 hectares of land in the village of Dargavs of the Prigorodny district were transferred to the category of land settlements with the wording "to restore historically established settlements." Prang Cooperative headed by Valentin Bazrov’s wife was to perform the "restoration of settlements."

The same company rented another 362 hectares of agricultural land on a long-term lease. In the conditions of a small-land republic, it was a real latifundium, which Valentin Bazrov openly referred to as "his estate," based on the fact that the ancestral lands of his family used to be located in this territory. 

However, no measures were taken against Bazrov at that time, as he was a powerful figure under former Head of North Ossetia Taymuraz Mamsurov.



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