Deputy Panko exposed as tied to Klyuchevskiye not to be deprived of mandate

Deputy Panko exposed as tied to Klyuchevskiye not to be deprived of mandate
Alexander Panko

Without a court sanction, the city parliament has no reason to revoke powers from the deputy accused of murder, the Duma said.

Chairman of the Irkutsk Parliament Yevgeny Stekachev commented on the situation with the arrest of deputy Alexander Panko.

According to the speaker, there is no reason to withdraw powers from Panko - this can be done after a passed sentence or with a sanction of the court. For the time being, Panko will retain the mandate and the post of Chairman of the permanent Duma commission on property and land relations, but his deputies will fulfill his duties during the arrest.

As The CrimeRussia wrote earlier, Alexander Panko was arrested on charges of involvement in the murder of two members of Klyuchevskiye organized crime group, who disappeared in Chita in 1997.

The investigation of these murders was resumed in 2017 after the detention of Klyuchevskiye’s killer Vladislav Telkin.

Panko’s detention was carried out in October of this year, afterwards he was transferred to Chita. For the time of the investigation, he was placed in the detention center.

Klyuchevskiye organized criminal grouping was created in the early 90s by the Komsomol secretary of the Chita Mashzavod, Konstantin Klyuchevsky (Klyuchik (Key)). Besides him, the gang was led by his brother Yevgeny Zharov, the brothers Sergey and Boris Putintsevs, as well as Leonid Kalinin.

The group began with a robbery attack on the buses of shuttle traders, who traveled for goods to China. At the peak of their career, the Klyuchevskiye levied tribute on the Central Market of Chita, the car market in Severny microdistrict, a distillery and several dozens of other enterprises.

According to investigators, Alexander Panko actively collaborated with the leaders of Klyuchevskiyy since the mid-90s, orchestrating contract killings. In addition, for a fee, he advised the liquidators, looked for places for secret graves. In this regard, the investigation is currently checking Panko for involvement in at least 3 contract killings and a kidnapping.

According to local media reports, Panko personally participated in the liquidation of two Chita criminal authorities who arrived in Irkutsk and planned to take revenge on Klyuchevskiye for the lost control over the Central Market of Chita. The deputy was also allegedly complicit in the shooting of the Chita mafia enforcer Sergey Yelgin, going by nickname Jackie Chan, in November 1997 near Irkutsk bar Pyaty Ugol. 



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