Deputy and former leader of Troitskiye gang dies in Chelyabinsk region

Deputy and former leader of Troitskiye gang dies in Chelyabinsk region
Anatoly Fedorchenko

Authoritative businessman Anatoly Fedorchenko testified against the former Mayor of Troitsk, accusing him of bribery.

Authoritative deputy of the city assembly of Troitsk Anatoly Fedorchenko, who was considered the leader of one of the city's criminal groups, passed away in the Chelyabinsk region. His assembly colleagues reported that Fedorchenko had died because of an oncological disease.

"After the election Fedorchenko participated in the sessions of the assembly several times, but then stopped visiting it because of the illness", deputy of the Troitsk representative body Vasily Khasanov told – "Visitation will be held on May, 11 in the city funeral hall, after which the funeral ceremony will take place".

The parliamentarian passed away at the age of 45.

The deputy was one of the most famous figures of Troitsk, several high-profile criminal cases are related to him. Previously tried (for rape and for compelling the victim to give false testimony) Fedorchenko was rounded up with a group of businessmen in June 2013. At that time the deputy also headed the city bus station. Law enforcers believed that Fedorchenko led a gang that confronted the proteges of thief in law Oleg Ashkhabadsky. The gang of the parliamentarian was suspected of extortion, murder and other grave crimes.

However, subsequently Anatoly Fedorchenko managed to escape criminal liability. The deputy was charged with only one episode of extortion from a local businessman, but the case was cancelled after the parties reconciled. But while in jail the authoritative businessman gave testimony against head of Troitsk Viktor Shchekotov, accusing him of corruption. The latter was detained on July 1, 2013 and subsequently sentenced to 5.5 years for numerous bribes and abuse of office. Already in late April 2017 Shchekotov left the colony on the probation.

As for the other detainees of the alleged members of the criminal group in the summer of 2013, in January 2016 some of them were convicted for taking part in a shootout. Bloody slaughter occurred in May 2013 in Troitsk in Ilyina Street. Then a local resident was wounded and a resident of Kopeysk was killed.



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