Den Bobruisky held responsible for involvement in Sergey Molnar's gang

Den Bobruisky held responsible for involvement in Sergey Molnar's gang
Den Bobruisky, Sergey Molnar and Ruslan Aleynikov

Belarus passed a verdict in the high-profile case.

The high-profile case of a brutal gang of Belarusian criminal authority Sergey Molnar, came to its logical conclusion after a year of court hearings. 30 members of the criminal group were convicted.

It should be noted that the trials of Mogilev regional court were held in camera in the territory of prison №4, even the press representatives were not allowed to passing the verdict. Relatives of the defendants told the journalists about the terms.

Thus, 53-year-old Belarusian criminal authority Sergey Molnar, who put the gang together, was sentenced to 18 years of imprisonment with confiscation of property. It was this term that the prosecutor asked for the group leader. Thief in law Denis Max, nicknamed Den Bobruisky (the status is not confirmed), who, according to investigators, was a mafia enforcer in Belarus, got 7 years in prison. The same term was given to Ruslan Aleynikov, who is featured in the case materials as the holder of the common fund. Active members of the gang that provided power support, Yevgeny Abdurazakov was sentenced to 14 years, Pavel Belushkin – to 13 years, Miroslav Rasoyan – to 15 years. The remaining bandits received from 5 to 13 years of colony.

The investigation believes the defendants conducted their activities in Bobruisk and Minsk, but planned to take control over the whole Belarus. For five years members of Molnar’s gang extorted money from citizens and carried out illegal transactions with real estate. All money received from criminal activity was transferred to the leader or his partners, who controlled Bobruisk common fund. In addition, the group was also involved in racketeering, robbery and swindling. The case papers featured over 80 crimes. Molnar’s gang was defeated in 2014.

The majority of the defendants in the case did not plead guilty, moreover, they stated that they were not even familiar with Molnar. They reported numerous violations during the investigation and the trial through their relatives. Thus, many victims renounced their testimony, saying that the siloviki forced them to bear false witness against the accused. The defendants and their relatives repeatedly demanded to hold the hearing openly.

According to the relatives of the convicts, most of them plan to appeal the verdict in the Supreme Court. "We will fight to the end", mothers of the defendants told after the verdict was announced.



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