Ded Khasan's grand-nephew to be released after 11 years

Ded Khasan's grand-nephew to be released after 11 years
Georgy Akoev aka Giya Sverdlovsky

Thief in law Georgy Akoev intends to return to Yekaterinburg.

Georgy Akoev, known under the nickname Giya Sverdlovsky, is to be released after serving 11 years in a colony for robbery. The release of the thief is scheduled for August 20-30.

The grand-nephew of the head of the criminal world Aslan Usoyan aka Ded Khasan, who was assassinated, intends to return to Yekaterinburg, which has not seen the thief for several years now. Giya Sverdlovsky has every chance to settle in the capital of the Urals and fill the shoes of his late titled uncle Timur Merzoev (Timur Sverdlosky), who died in 2014.

URA.RU's sources revealed that there are big supporters of Georgy Akoev in Yekaterinburg, including the eternal keeper of the 'common fund' Vladimir Solomennikov aka Soloma.

"Soloma used to be Timur Sverdlovsky's second-in-command, so he regards Giya as his boss' successor. He is already negotiating with the interested parties and is ready to offer Akoev certain assets," the insiders explained.

Meanwhile, the law enforcers are determined. They intend to do their best to ensure that Giya Sverdlovsky would be unable to remain in Yekaterinburg.

As previously reported by the CrimeRussia, it was Shakro Molodoy's supporter Avtandil Kobeshavidze (aka Avto), released in January 2016, who tried to take the lead of the region's criminal world. However, he was not given space in the Ural capital; after a 'preventive chat' with siloviki, the thief had to leave the Sverdlovsk region. According to recent data, the thief in law has gone to the south of Russia in Rostov-on-Don, but there are still Avto's people in Yekaterinburg. Law enforcement offices fight with the thief’s companions, who run a criminal business. For example, June 31, a grouping dubbed as ‘motor insurers’ was detained by law enforcers. Leader of the gang was Avto’s former driver and liaison person for relations with the Ural underground Shota Katamadze. According to the prosecution, the group would acquire expensive foreign cars to simulate accidents.

While some members of the gang changed the appearance of cars to imitate the consequences of accidents, others registered fraudulent documents to receive insurance premium. A total of seven members of the group were detained, including the group’s head Shota Katamadze, whom the law enforcers detained immediately after his arrival from Moscow, where he had met with his boss Avto. The criminals are charged with part 3 of Art. 163 (Extortion) and part 2 of Art. 159.5 (Fraud in the field of insurance) of the Russian Criminal Code.

It is not excluded that such a weakening of Avtandil Kobeshavidze's positions and strengthening of those of Giya Sverdlovsky will lead to their open conflict. Despite the fact that so far there has been no conflict situations between Sverdlovsky and Avto, they have always had certain ideological contradictions. For example, Georgy Akoev is a relative of Ded Khasan and Timur Sverdlovsky, from whom Kobeshavidze has distanced himself.

"Auto was asked about his plans after the release of Giya. He replied 'Let’s see how it goes'. Decent people do not need to promote the conflict. But it seems that such an escalation is planted from outside," URA.RU's source said.



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