Dead policeman writes names of offenders on wall in blood

Dead policeman writes names of offenders on wall in blood
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Andrey Muchaev left messages on the walls of a substation where he told about humiliation by the executives. He wrote it in blood of his colleague who had been killed.

Yamal policeman Andrey Muchaev who had shot his colleague and his spouse and then commited suicide used to be humiliated by his executives, reports GB-Regiony Telegram channel. Authors of the channel believe that the Yamal police had “done their best to conceal incomplete work related to workforce and submit the tragedy in a form of a love triangle and a money hole.”

Muchaev is reported to have “scrawled over the walls of a substation in blood of his colleague” who had been shot. The policeman accused a deputy head of Noyabrsk police Mikhail Mikhni and a deputy head of a department of district police officers Andrey Lyakha of humiliation. According to the channel, both directors continue working with the police.

On June 3, dead bodies of district police officers Andrey Muchaev and Vladimir Anchugov were found in Noyabrsk. Anchugov was at his place of work in the substation on Izyskateley Street. Muchaev’s body was found in a car behind a boiler-house in a settlement SMU-10. There was a suicide note next to him. Later, dead body of Yulia Anchugova was found in an apartment of a five-storey apartment block.   


Vladimir Anchugov and Andrey Muchaev

Criminal case into murder of two or more parties (article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) was initiated. The police believe that the tragedy occurred owing to a personality clash between the employees.



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