Dagestan: OCG of Ministry of Labor and social services officials exposed

Dagestan: OCG of Ministry of Labor and social services officials exposed

The suspects received salaries for “dead souls” and increased the number of those in need of state assistance.

The Dagestani police initiated three criminal cases of swindling against members of the criminal community which consisted of officials of the Republican Ministry of Labor and employees of social services (parts 3 and 4 of Article 159 CCRF). The case of creating a criminal community was initiated against the alleged OCG leader (parts 2 and 3 of Article 210 CCRF). The suspects inflated the amount of money they needed to fulfill their official functions, the press service of the MIA’s Main Directorate for the North Caucasus Federal District reports.

The perpetrators received bonuses and salaries for fictitiously employed people in social welfare centers. In total, they managed to get about two million rubles ($ 30,000). In addition, the officials overestimated the number of people who needed social assistance, and received more money than required from the republican budget. 

One of the leaders of the social services department created a non-profit organization, and then contributed to its victory in the competition for the provision of social services to the population. For this, he provided documents with false data about the presence of full-time qualified employees. The Ministry of Labor and the NGO have concluded two contracts for the provision of social services at home for more than 700 million rubles ($ 10,8 million), inflating the number of people in need of such services.



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