Dagestan athletes from Summa security convicted of beating sambo wrestler

Dagestan athletes from Summa security convicted of beating sambo wrestler
Photo: Kommersant

Five have been sentenced to a year and eight months in prison.

The Dorogomilovsky District Court of Moscow sentenced masters of various martial arts, who worked as security guards for Summa Group’s Ziyavudin Magomedov, to a year and eight months in prison for beating sambo wrestler Shamil Kuramagomedov. The latter had a fight with the director over support for Magomedov’s business, Kommersant said.

The convicted Dagestanis, Salim Abakarov, Basir Abakarov, Magomed Abdurakhidmov, Ismail Aliyev and Felix Urudzhev, denied they had ever worked for Summa Group or taken part in the attack. Nevertheless, the court found them guilty of intentionally harming a person. The investigation intensified after the arrest of the Magomedov brothers on charges of creating an organized crime group and embezzling budget funds in March 2018.

According to investigators, in the fall, the winner of the Russian Sambo Championship, Shamil Kuramagomedov, was admitted to Summa’s rapid intervention team. There was no formal contract and he got his salaries in envelopes. Kuramagomedov’s responsibility was to protect Ziyavudin Magomedov as he moved about. Denis Klopnev, director of business support, headed the Summa co-owner security team.

Two years after the employment, Kuramagomedov had a conflict with Klopnev. The sambo fighter was kicked out of the guard without his salary. The athlete returned to Makhachkala for some time, but later decided to return to Moscow. As soon as Kuramagomedov got back to the capital in June 2017, his former coworker called him and offered to meet. On June 12, when the athlete was walking towards the building where he was renting an apartment, he was surrounded and brutally beaten up. Kuramagomedov received at least 15 blows to the head and torso; his nose and upper jaw were crushed, and his orbit was broken.

The convicts pleaded not guilty and claimed that they had nothing to do with Summa. Denis Klopnev is on the wanted list; his representative claims that he is undergoing treatment abroad.



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