Criminal past holding hard: Taraban, who became wheelchairer in 90s, convicted again

Criminal past holding hard: Taraban, who became wheelchairer in 90s, convicted again
Anatoly Kindlib nicknamed Taraban

Earlier, the Supreme Court overturned the acquittal on this case.

In Novokuznetsk, a new trial of the case of Anatoly Kindlib, better known by the nickname Taraban, started. The investigation suggests that Taraban was the leader of the organized crime group that operated in the south of the Kemerovo region in the 2000s. The crimes of Tarabanovskie include robberies, extortions and coercion to give false testimony.

Taraban and his gang were arrested in December 2010 on suspicion of involvement in robbery and extortion of large sums of money from an entrepreneur from Kiselyovsk, engaged in the extraction and transportation of coal. Taraban spent a little more than a month in jail, after which he was released on bail of 1 million rubles ($17.4 thousand). The reason for this decision was the amendments to the Russian legislation adopted by the government of the Russian Federation in mid-January 2011. The list of diseases that prevent detention features disability group 1, Taraban is diagnosed with (he is a wheelchair user). According to the investigation, the leader of the crime group was wounded in the spine in one of the shootings in the nineties. After these events he remained paralyzed below the belt.

Since then, Taraban has been at large, but the investigation against him and his gang did not cease. During this time, multiple episodes of criminal actions committed by Taraban’s crime group came to the surface. Thus, during the investigation, evidence was gathered about the involvement of the Tarabanovskie in extortion of ‘tribute’ from a number of large entrepreneurs of the Kemerovo region. If businessmen refused to pay a kind of tax for the ‘roof’, the Tarabanovskie threatened with the destruction of property and personal reprisals with the heads of firms.

In the spring of 2016, after a long-term investigation, 11 members of the gang received convictions under the decision of the Kemerovo Regional Court. Criminals got terms ranging from 4 to 12 years of the colony.

Despite this, Taraban himself was not among the convicts, although the state prosecutor demanded 18 years of imprisonment for him. By this time he had already been released on bail because of disability. Regarding one criminal episodes, the statute of limitations expired, speaking of others - Taraban was found guilty, but was freed from punishment in connection with amnesty. Soon, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation quashed the acquittal of the Kemerovo Regional Court and the case was sent for a new consideration.

Today, October 17, at the first hearing, Anatoly Kindlib agreed to testify, but did not admit his guilt.

The lawyer asked the court to set time limits for the hearings on his case, since Taraban's health has recently deteriorated. 



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