Criminal cases against lawyers of Uralmash OCG were closed

Criminal cases against lawyers of Uralmash OCG were closed

The Sverdlovsk Regional Court closed cases due to the statute of limitations.

The Sverdlovsk Regional Court upheld the decision of the Kirov Court in Yekaterinburg to close criminal cases against lawyers of Uralmash OCG Tatiana Zhuravleva and Olga Temlyakova.

Both lawyers were accused of involvement in serious crimes of influential Uralmash OCG, including the raider takeovers and large-scale swinglings.

Despite the closure of the criminal case, two women were dissatisfied with the decision of the court. They demanded the termination of the criminal case on grounds of rehabilitating circumstances, but the judge did not consider the arguments of the defense sufficient.

Recall that the Uralmash OCG acted in the period from the late 1990s to mid-2000s. Of the 25 people there were held on the dock six of them, two of them got real terms, the other two - suspended sentences.

In general, the criminal organization was involved more than 80 people, and about 30 different companies, which were seized by the force. Thus, under the control of criminals there have moved assets of JSC Pervouralsk plant complete metal products, JSC Artyomovsk Machine Building Plant Venkon, SUP Sverdloblhimchistka, JSC Salda Metallurgical Plant, JSC Ural Plant of rail fasteners, JSC Bogdanovich Porcelain Factory. Often raiders resorted to the support of former security forces officers. Total damage of the criminal activity exceeded 1.5 billion rubles. Stolen money were legalized through a specially created structure: CB Oreolkombank.



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