Crime lord who arranged kidnapping of Voronezh mayor sentenced to 8 years

Crime lord who arranged kidnapping of Voronezh mayor sentenced to 8 years
Vadim Kstenin

The court sentenced two of his accomplices to prison terms of up to 5.5 years.

The Sovertsky District Court has rendered its verdict in the case of kidnapping of Head of the Department of Housing and Utilities in the Voronezh region Vadim Kstenin, the current head of Voronezh.

The defendants in the case are 48-year-old Ruslan Kotiev aka Kot and his cousin and second cousin, 43-year-old Alikhan Kotiev and 39-year-old Magomed Kotiev. Kot was the mastermind behind the kidnapping; he has been sentenced to eight years in a strict-security colony. His accomplices have been sentenced to 5.5 years’ ordinary imprisonment.

To recall, the kidnapping took place on May 29, 2015. The Kotievs first took over a Toyota Highlander driven by the official’s driver. The offenders approached the driver at a car wash, put him into the trunk, and drove him to Kstenin’s house. Acting with force, the brothers then physically forced Kstenin into a car and drove him to the country, where they demanded $5 million in exchange for his release. Vadim Kstenin said that explained that he did not have such an amount, but, taking the threats expressed in his address seriously, he had to accept this condition. He said that the first part of the requested amount – 2.5 million rubles ($40,110) – would be transferred on the same day at the bridge over the Voronezh River in the direction of Stupino village of Ramonsky district.

Meanwhile, law enforcement agencies had already received a report on the kidnapping field by employees of the car wash and Kstenin’s neighbors. Kotievs were detained. It is also established that while in the Toyota Highlander, Alikhan and Magomed stole 100,000 rubles ($1,604) from Vadim Kstenin, as well as eight thousand rubles ($128) from a storage box.



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