Crime boss Rakhman Abdullayev nabbed in Chelyabinsk

Crime boss Rakhman Abdullayev nabbed in Chelyabinsk
Rakhman Abdullayev

He faces the charge of ‘roofing’ markets.

Police officers and the FSB have detained crime lord Rakhman Abdullayev in Chelyabinsk, agency Ural-press-inform reports with reference to its source in law enforcement agencies.

Abdullayev has been rounded up this morning near his apartment building in Leninsky district of Chelyabinsk. He is suspected of shielding markets of the city, region and neighboring regions of the Urals Federal District. Today, as expected, Central District Court will choose a preventive measure for Abdullayev.

It is believed that Abdullayev is the right-hand man of Chelyabinsk mafia enforcer Ilkham Osmanov, who was detained earlier for extortion of 11 million rubles ($179.7 thousand) and a foreign car.

Abdullayev himself has already been on the radar of law enforcement agencies. Last summer, his people were detained during a meeting with members of the rival group of crime boss of Chelyabinsk Traktorozavodsky district, Vladimir Puzikov, - ‘puziki.’ The parties gathered to discuss the redistribution of the route transport market. However, they were prevented from reaching an agreement by siloviki, who laid them face down. 90 people were brought to the police station.

In 2015, Abdullayev, along with members of the criminal group, was arrested on suspicion of extortion. Together with him, 10 more people were detained. Searches were conducted in their apartments, which turned up revolvers, pistols, cartridges, and IOUs.

That said, the very fact of extortion was unveiled during the investigation of another case – on the murder of crime lord Pyotr Pankov in 2014. His homicide is linked to an attempt of one of the criminal groups to appoint their mafia enforcer in Chelyabinsk, as well as to the massacre of mafia enforcer for Kaslyam and Kyshtym Mamuka Nebieridze. Nebieridze was killed a month before Pankov, some experts from law enforcement agencies believe that Pyotr and Mamuka battled for power over the underworld of the regional center, and shortly before that Pankov's men were spotted buying a large batch of weapons.

Nevertheless, Abdullayev was soon released. As reported by with reference to its source in the FSB for the Chelyabinsk region, the crime boss now represents in the region the interests of thief in law Nadir Salifov (Guli), who controls trade in the markets in the Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk regions.

This is also reinforced by the fact that according to the newspaper, a little over a month ago, Abdullayev was introduced to merchants of the Yekaterinburg 4th vegetable wholesale warehouse as their new ‘roof.’ As a result, all the taxes paid by Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk merchants for Guli should pass through Abdullayev.



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