Court sentences Orekhovskaya gang members for series of murders 

Court sentences Orekhovskaya gang members for series of murders
Igor Sosnovsky

The Russian Investigative Committee (ICR) has completed the investigation of the case of gang members, who evaded justice for 17 years.

The investigation into a series of murders and attempted assassinations by the Orekhovskaya gang has been completed. The defendants are members of the criminal group Sergey Frolov, known by the nickname Bolton, and Igor Sosnovsky, known as Chipita. The ICR Main Investigative Department in the Moscow region had been investigating this case for a year and a half.

The killers went into hiding after the defeat of the Orekhovskaya gang and managed to escape justice for 17 years. After a series of murders and attempts they had committed in 2010-2014, security officials picked up their trail.

Investigators believe that Frolov and Sosnovsky committed a series of murders and attempts while capturing the Odintsovo Podvorie market. In the fight for one of the largest markets in the Moscow region, former members of the Orekhovskaya gang used the services of criminals from the North Caucasus.

Currently, defendants and their lawyers are familiarizing with the case materials, which consist of 100 volumes.

Chipita and Bolton are accused of Murder two or more persons (part 2 of Art. 105 of the Criminal Code) and Illegal Arms Trafficking (part 2 of Art. 222 of the Criminal Code). Other defendants in the case of an attempt on the life of the Odintsovo Podvorie’s owner Sergey Zhurba and the murder of his lawyer Tatiana Akimtseva include eight representatives of the Caucasian criminal environment, who have been charged with complicity.

Frolov and Sosnovsky were detained and arrested in August 2015. Sosnovsky (Chipita) immediately started to cooperate with the investigation and confessed in criminal episodes committed by his group.

Members of the Orekhovskaya gang who came to Moscow from Kemerovo were part of the Odintsovskaya brigade, led by Dmitry Belkin (known by the nickname Belok, currently serving a life sentence). After the Orekhovskaya gang had been destroyed, Sosnovsky and Frolov spent 17 years living with forged documents. They were found and arrested only after triggering off warfare for the Odintsovskoe Podvorie market and killing several people in the process.

The fight for the market began after Belok’s relatives had seized to be among its co-owners. When the remaining co-owner Sergey Zhurba stopped paying Chipita and Bolton for protection, the two criminals made a first attempt on his life. On July 14, 2010, assassins shot his Range Rover with automatic weapons, killing a security guard. Four years later, Sergey Zhurba was seriously wounded in Odintsovo with a sniper rifle, brought from Chechnya by the killer, Beslan Asakaev.


Sergey Zhurba

According to the investigation, Orekhovskaya gangsters repeatedly tried to kill Zhurba’s lawyers. Ivan Leontiev from the Delovaya Zaschita (Business Protection) law office was seriously wounded, and deputy director of Odintsovskoe Podvorie on legal issues Vitaly Moiseev was killed along with his wife. On September 2, 2014, the killers also murdered a prominent lawyer Tatiana Akimtseva, who represented Zhurba’s interests in court, along with her driver.


Tatiana Akimtseva

Since in the latter case the killers had left a lot of evidence, law enforcers were able to trace the perpetrators and arrest them in August 2015 in the Tver region. The gangsters were hiding a whole arsenal of weapons, from a variety of pistols and rifles to a flamethrower and a grenade launcher.

Once the defendants finish the familiarization stage, the case will be sent to the prosecutor's office for approving the indictment and then submitted to the court.



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