Court sentenced Roslavsko-Dubrovskaya gang members to terms from 18 years to life imprisonment

Court sentenced Roslavsko-Dubrovskaya gang members to terms from 18 years to life imprisonment
Criminal group in the initial composition

Earlier, the jury found them guilty on all charges.

Moscow District Military Court sentenced seven members of Roslavsko-Dubrovskaya organized crime group to terms ranging from 18 years to life imprisonment, according to Business FM. Earlier, the jury unanimously recognized Igor Galantsev, Sergey Novgorodov, Gennady Baronov, Igor Semenov, Oleg Tereshin, Pyotr Turlayev and Andrey Gurov guilty of Creating a Criminal Community or Participating in It, Banditry, Murder, Encroachment on the Life of Law Enforcement Officers, Illegal Trafficking of Weapons and Ammunition, and also of Intentional Infliction of Grievous Bodily Harm and Disorderly Conduct (Art. 210, 209, 105, 317, 222, 111, and 213 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

It is reported that Oleg Tereshin received the minimum penalty of 18 years' imprisonment in a high-security colony with a fine of 200 thousand rubles ($3.1 thousand). The leader of the gang Igor Galantsev and Sergey Novgorodov got maximum punishment in the form of life imprisonment in a high-security colony. They were also fined 1 million rubles ($15.7 thousand) and 500 thousand rubles ($7.8 thousand), respectively.

In 2015, five members of the gang were acquitted by the jury, but later the acquittal of the Supreme Court was canceled. Later, the case of five members was joined with a case of two more alleged members of the gang - Oleg Tereshin and Andrey Gurov, who were previously on the wanted list. During the relitigation, the defendants denied the guilt, but on July 12 the jury found them guilty on all charges.

According to the investigators, the gang was created in 2004 by Igor Galantsev “in order to establish dominant criminal control” over Smolensk, Bryansk and other regions. The gang was complicit in 40 murders of members of rival groups.

In this case, Galantsev and his accomplices were charged with six killings. According to the Investigative Committee, Bryansk crime bosses Viktor Magomedov, Andrey Solukov and Alexander Bogdanov, killed in the early 2000s, became their victims.

The defense of the defendants announced the proceedings were illegal and plans to appeal the verdict in the Supreme Court.



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