Court reduced term of imprisonment of neo-Nazi Tesak

Court reduced term of imprisonment of neo-Nazi Tesak

The pedophile hunter’s conviction under a decriminalized article has been overturned.

Syktyvkar’s City Court reduced the sentence to the leader of the Restrukt movement, Maxim Martsinkevich, nicknamed Tesak after the article on extremism (282 CCRF) had been decriminalized. The sentence over this episode has been canceled, Novaya Gazeta reports, referring to lawyer Vladimir Sedykh. 

Tesak's term was reduced from 10 years to eight. In addition, Martsinkevich was transferred from a strict regime penal colony to a general regime one. 

The verdict against the neo-Nazi was delivered in December 2018 by the Babushkinsky Court of Moscow – he was convicted of extremism, robbery and hooliganism. According to the case file, in 2013-2014, Tesak and his followers beat people up, justifying actions by combating pedophiles and drug dealers.

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