Court frees Vladimir Kumarin from criminal liability for number of charges in case of raider seizure

Court frees Vladimir Kumarin from criminal liability for number of charges in case of raider seizure
Vladimir Barsukov-Kumarin, 2005 Photo: Interpress / TASS

Vladimir Barsukov (Kumarin) and other defendants in the case are freed from criminal liability for swindling charges.

The Kuybyshevsky District Court of St. Petersburg has decided to stop investigating several episodes in the criminal case against members of the Tambov OCG, and, in particular, against the leader of the group, Vladimir Barsukov (Kumarin). This is reported by the joint press service of the courts of St. Petersburg.

It was specified that the decision was made during preliminary hearings. The defendants in the case, we recall, are Vladimir Barsukov, Vyacheslav Drokov, Pavel Tsyganko, Oleg Kumishche, Dmitry Malyshev, Dmitry Morin, Anatoly Frolov, Konstantin Semkin and Andrey Spivak.

All of them were charged with swindling and bribe-giving, depending on their participation, but the court decided to stop the investigation of these episodes and free the defendants from liability in connection with the expiration of the statute of limitations.

However, Vladimir Barsukov, his associate Vyacheslav Drokov and their accomplice Dmitry Malyshev, are still charged with organizing a criminal community. The first hearing will take place on March 1.

According to the investigation, the leader of the organized crime group and his accomplices participated in raider seizures of a number of real estate objects in St. Petersburg. To do this, they allegedly forged constituent documents of companies, repeatedly registered stakes in their authorized capitals in fictitious participants, and illegally applied changes related to founders and CEOs into the electronic database of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.

Vladimir Barsukov was previously sentenced to 23 years in prison for attempted murder of Sergey Vasiliev, the co-owner of the Peterburgsky Neftyanoy Terminal (St. Petersburg Oil Terminal), and murder of his bodyguard in 2006. Also, a number of media expressed versions of Kumarin's involvement in the murder of MP Galina Starovoitova, but he was never charged.



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