Court closes case against Delimkhanov’s guards threatening to deal away with businessman and his children 

Court closes case against Delimkhanov’s guards threatening to deal away with businessman and his children
Lechi Bolatbaev and Sayid Akhmaev (left to right) Photo: Kommersant

Chechen police officers’ article was reclassified. Now, they only have to pay a fine.

Court has reclassified articles of acting police officers of MIA in Chechnya and guards of a State Duma member Adam Delimkhanov. As a result, MIA’s Colonel Sayid Akhmaev and senior lieutenant of the National Guard Lechi Bolatbaev were not charged with extortion on an especially large scale, but with arbitrariness. They were sentenced to pay a fine of less than 50 thousand rubles ($759). However, the limitations for offences under the articles were expired, so the case was closed, and the fines were not collected. 

As CrimeRussia had reported earlier, Akhmaev and Bolatbaev were being charged with extortion from a businessman Konstantin Zhukov, an ex-owner of the company that used to publish Aeroexpress magazine. 

According to the case file, the accused were attempting to receive more than 100 million rubles ($1.5 million) from a businessman Konstantin Zhukov. 

Akhmaev and Bolatbaev were hired by Zhukov’s ex-partner Evgeny Katkov with whom they did not agree upon the amount while splitting the company. The MIA’s representatives did not mince words while threatening Zhukov “to screw in framing nails” in his and his children’s heads if he doesn’t write a receipt with the amount requested. 


Konstantin Zhukov (left), Evgeny Katkov (right)

The extorters met Zhukov twice - in a cafe Voronezh and in President-hotel. The businessman refused to pay. Then, Akhmaev and Bolatbaev physically assaulted him. Then, Zhukov transported his family abroad and reported to law enforcement. About a month, the government security services had been wiretapping the phones of the collectors and detained them during another meeting with Zhukov. 

Despite the fact that it was recently when the prosecution sought for 7 years of jail time, the article was reclassified by court the day before. The court found there’s insufficient evidence for extortion, and the charges against the defendants were reduced and reclassified to an article of arbitrariness (item 1 of article 330 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). 

Interestingly, head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov covered up for the ‘collectors’ following their arrest. He sent letters to a prosecutor general Yury Chayka and chief of the Moscow city court Olga Egorova stating that they “had had a respectable history and are enlightened, efficient, and adaptable staff members.” 



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