Court acquits Orekhovskaya ‘treasurer’ in 20-y.e. case of attempt on policeman

Court acquits Orekhovskaya ‘treasurer’ in 20-y.e. case of attempt on policeman
Sergey Vyalkov

Former Head of the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department Aleksandr Trushkin, who was in charge of catching Orekhovskaya OCG members, came to support Sergey Vyalkov in court.

Jury of the Babushkinsky Court of Moscow has acquitted Odintsovo businessman Sergey Vyalkov, who was accused of attempted murder of Nikolay Petrov, deputy head of the Moscow Regional Directorate for Combating Organized Crime of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The attempt took place in 1998, outside Sviblovo metro station, where killers waited for the victim. The bullet went on a tangent, hitting Petrov’s neck and ear. The police failed to catch the attackers hot on the trail, so they began to comb up Moscow criminal underworld.

Statements of convicted gang members were used as a basis for the charges against Vyalkov, who was called Orekhovskaya OCG’s ‘treasurer.’ In 2017, Marat Polyansky and Aleksandr Vasilchenko recalled that it was Vyalkov who ordered the attempt on Petrov. The leader of Orekhovskaya – Sergey Butorin (Osya) – also testified. According to the defendant’s lawyer, Evgeny Kharlamov, this testimony was given under pressure or in exchange for some condescension. For example, one of the OCG leaders Dmitry Belkin (Belok) filed a complaint with the Prosecutor General’s Office about the investigators, who had visited him in prison and exerted pressure, demanding that he slandered Vyalkov, but he refused.

Vyalkov did have connections with Orekhovskaya crime group, but he explained them by the fact that in the 1990s he was forced to pay gang members for ‘roof.’ Out of fear for the family, he was compelled to “maintain the appearance of friendly relations” with Osya.

At the same time, Sergey Vyalkov, Sergey Butorin, and Regional Directorate for Combating Organized Crime employee Nikolay Petrov are colleagues. In January 2018, Sergey Vyalkov, who the media called the treasurer of Orekhovskaya gang, was detained at the airport after a holiday. At this time, about 30 people were conducting a search in his house, during which investigators found an old photograph of Vyalkov and Petrov. The businessman was charged with organizing the assassination of the policeman. He is charged under Art. 317 of the Criminal Code (Encroachment on the Life of an Officer of a Law Enforcement Agency), under which he can be sentenced up to 15 years in prison, taking into account the statute of limitations.

Vyalkov completely denied his guilt, calling the criminal case a revenge for assistance in catching Orekhovskaya members. After the announcement of the verdict, presiding judge Glukhov ruled to release Vyalkov from custody in the courtroom.

According to RBC, among the friends and relatives of the Odintsovo businessman who came to court was Alexander Trushkin, the former Head of the Moscow Criminal Intelligence, who detained Butorin and Polyansky together with the Spanish security officials in the noughties and was practically in charge of the operational support of criminal cases concerning Orekhovskaya group. After retirement, Trushkin went to work in Vyalkov’s enterprises and was among the co-owners of the business. According to SPARK, he owns 15% of AvtoMOLL shopping center in the Moscow region.



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