Cosa Nostra boss dies at 88

Cosa Nostra boss dies at 88
Salvatore "Totò" Riina Photo: Izvestia

Totò Riina died in a Parma hospital after two surgeries.

The former chief of the mafia organization Cosa Nostra and the so-called "boss of the bosses" Totò Riina died at 88. He had been serving 26 life sentences in a high security prison for killing about 40 people and involvement in hundreds of other crimes.

Riina died in hospital of a city of Parma after two surgeries, according to Corriere della Serra. Andrea Orlando, the head of the Italian Justice Ministry, gave a personal permission to the Mafiosi’s immediate family to be with him in the last hours of his life.

Riina was arrested in 1993. In August 2016, the Italian government dissolved the administrations of Tropea and Corleone because of their links with the mafia organizations.

In the autumn of 2017, it was reported that the then leader of the Cosa Nostra had ordered to his son to kill his own sister because she was dating a policeman.



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