"Corpses were found near these garbage containers". Outrage at Moscow trade center  

"Corpses were found near these garbage containers". Outrage at Moscow trade center
Incident scene

The security guards of the shopping complex carry out the orders orders of two 'criminal authorities', covering this and several other Moscow trading platforms, a source said.

A brutal beating of a Tajik worker in the territory of trade complex 'Moskva', which caused mass unrest of guest workers, was orchestrated by 'criminal authorities' Khodzhi Dzhabbor and Khodzhi Samat, Rosbalt reports.

On September 20, employees of the private security company, guarding the shopping complex on Tikhoretsky Avenue, beat a mover from Tajikistan to an unconscious state and, having wrapped him in white cloth, threw him near trash containers outside the market, after which, according to various sources, from 150 to 300 migrants rioted beside the complex, demanding to punish the perpetrators of the incident.


Victim Navruz Kerimov

The interlocutors of the agency said that beating in the territory of the retail complex is not the first time such an execution over merchants and movers, who are thus forced to work under the 'roof' of local 'authorities' of Khodzhi Dzhabbor and Khodzhi Samat, takes place.

As a source familiar with the situation told Rosbalt, the incident started with a native of Tajikistan, having a spot in the market offering shoes and clothes, who sold a lot to a wholesale buyer. Having driven a gazelle, the latter directly agreed with a local mover on the delivery and loading of packages and cartons with the goods into the car.

However, this arrangement, the agency says, contravened local rules established by 'authority' Khodzhi Samat and the security service of the complex. According to them, the trader had to first turn to an intermediary, appointed by the 'roof', after which, the latter, setting the price for the shipment of the goods, would appoint movers from the number of migrants working in the center himself. After that, the movers had to give him part of the money earned.

Upon learning of the unauthorized loading, four or five guards took the mover to a special room where they were beating him for quite a while.

After the beaten lost consciousness, he was put in a car, taken out of the territory of the shopping center and thrown at the garbage containers near the 9th entrance to the shopping center. Two witnesses from among the workers outraged by what they saw were twisted and taken to the same room by the employees of the security company.

According to the source of Rosbalt, this was not done for the first time. Earlier even corpses were found near these garbage containers, they were attributed to the results of fights between migrants themselves. In 2012 the shopping complex witnessed a migrant from Dushanbe being beaten to death, he was also thrown into the trash, - the source provided an example.

The guards of the shopping complex, he said, often resort to force. Then the police draw up the documents in such a way that the victim wanted to steal something, entered the restricted area or resisted.

"So the guards have been getting away with it for a long time. People simply do not have the strength to endure it anymore," the agency's source said.

As Rosbalt's source noted, such a reaction on the part of migrants is not immediate. According to him, people are tired of constant beatings.

The source of the agency directly connects the incident in the shopping center with an unofficial power of two criminal 'authorities' Khodzhi Dzhabbor and Khodzhi Samata on this and several other Moscow trading areas. For migrants - movers, traders and taxi drivers - the amount of a tribute has been fixed. All those who try to refuse, according to him, are caught, beaten and expelled from the facilities. The security of objects also behaves according to the rules established by the 'authorities'.


As a result of yesterday's incident about 300 fellow countrymen of the victim gathered near the shopping center 'Moskva', demanding to release two detained witnesses and give away the participants of the massacre on the loader. After the law enforcers arrived at the scene, the captives were released, and some of the migrants went to the hospital where the victim was hospitalized.


According to Rosbalt sources, the victim is in extremely serious condition, doctors are fighting for his life. The Tajik embassy also has the same information, although NTV channel previously reported that the doctor of hospital №68, whose surname is not specified, said that the visible signs of beating such as bruises were not found on the body of the victim and he was in a state of moderate severity.

On Thursday a source in law enforcement agencies confirmed to TASS that police officers detained about 250 people of Asian appearance, who wanted to meet with the leadership of the retail complex.

Meanwhile, in connection with the mass brawl that occurred yesterday and involved migrants, criminal proceedings were instituted under Art. 116 of the Criminal Code (Battery) and Art. 213 of the Criminal Code (Hooliganism), the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the capital said.



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