Condemned to 23 years in jail killer Sasha-Soldat convicted for another six murders

Condemned to 23 years in jail killer Sasha-Soldat convicted for another six murders
Alexander Pustovalov

Two years ago, serving his sentence in the colony Alexander Pustovalov concluded a pre-trial agreement and told investigators about another six contract killings committed by him.⁠

The Odintsovo City Court delivered its verdict against the former convict to 23 years, full-time killer of Orekhovskaya OCG Alexander Pustovalov, known as Sasha-Soldat (Soldier).

The killer, who is known, in particular, as a direct performer of the murder of Kurganinskaya OCG famous killer Alexander Solonik and his girlfriend Svetlana Kotova, is sentenced to another nine years in prison.

As the press service of the court told AGN Moskva, Pustovalov is convicted of killing another six people in addition to 13 murders, for which he was convicted earlier. The killer, who in 2014 made a pre-trial agreement with the investigation and confessed to six murders, was charged with committing crimes under items (a, h and n) of Art. 102 of the Criminal Code.

According to the report of the court, the punishment in the form of 24 years of imprisonment in a strict regime penal colony is chosen for multiple offenses by partial addition of the appointed on 22 December punishment and judgment rendered by the Moscow City Court in 2005, taking into account the term, which he has already spent in custody.

According to the materials of the case, in the early 1990s Pustovalov was part of the Orekhovskaya OCG. As directed by the gang leader in 1995-96, Sasha-Soldat committed six murders of Orekhovskaya gang's rivals. Recall that members of the most powerful and violent organized crime group in Moscow 80-90-ies committed at least 50 murders and attempted murders in Moscow, Moscow and Vladimir regions, as well as in Greece and Ukraine.

Former marine and one of the most famous killer of Orekhovskaya OCG Alexander Pustovalov, who was arrested in 1999, was the executor of most of them, according to the investigative bodies.



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