"Completely lost his mind." "Kazan shooter" turned out to be ex-Tukayevskiye gang member  

"Completely lost his mind." "Kazan shooter" turned out to be ex-Tukayevskiye gang member
Currently Rinat Raimdzhanov is sought after Photo: Business Online

55-year-old Rinat Raimdzhanov run the business of selling products quite successfully, but apparently was still involved in criminal skirmishes.

The identity of the so-called "Kazan shooter", who yesterday gunned down two men near Istanbul cafe, was established. According to sources of Business Online, the fire was opened by a 55-year-old local entrepreneur, Rinat Raimdzhanov, who had previously been part of the local Tukayevskiye crime group. Now the man is wanted.

The interlocutors of the publication said that Raimdzhanov had given up criminal activities several years ago and set up his own business - he sold products and even quite successfully. But last year he had a conflict with his former ‘colleagues.’ Tukayevskiye beat him with bats in one of the garages of Kazan, and prior to that, they had burned the businessman’s car.

That said, sources claim that Raimdzhanov gave the reason for this himself - after the arson of his car, he came to the Central Market (according to some data, it is controlled by Tukayevskiye gang) with a grenade and threatened to blow it up if he was not given money.

“In recent years, he has completely lost his mind, he accused everyone of burning his car, set off everyone,” the portal’s interlocutor described the situation.

After yesterday's shootout, both injured men were taken to the 7th Kazan City Hospital in serious condition. Both are entrepreneurs - several local LLCs are registered in their names.



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