Chuvashia: Convicted co-owner of underground casinos network regains 'Hero of Russia' title

Chuvashia: Convicted co-owner of underground casinos network regains 'Hero of Russia' title

In the Chuvashia republic, the court has reversed the judgement in a high-profile case related to illegal gambling and given back the title of 'Hero of Russia' to one of the convicts.

Earlier, the Supreme Court of Chuvashia found Evgeny Borisov guilty as part of this criminal case and sentenced him to 6.5 years in colony, as well as deprived him of ranks and regalia. According to the investigative bodies, in the period from November 2013 to June 2014, the OCG, which consisted of six members, including Borisov, founded seven underground casinos in the territory of Cheboksary and two regional centers of Chuvashia. During this period, they earned about 5 million rubles ($83.5 thousand). In addition, the gang would regularly pay bribes to the ex-chief of the police department for his patronage.

The court handed down convictions for all defendants in the case. Apart from imprisonment for 6.5 years, Evgeny Borisov was sentenced to a 10-million-ruble ($167 thousand) fine and deprived of the title of Hero of the Russian Federation. Two of his accomplices were sentenced to 7 and 7.5 years and fines of 10.3 ($172 thousand) and 10 million rubles, respectively. The remaining three members of the organized crime group received 3 years in prison and 200 thousand rubles ($3.3 thousand) in fines. As for the corruptive former policeman, he was sentenced to 5 years in colony and a fine of 5.4 million rubles ($90.2 thousand). In addition, by court order, he was deprived of his rank of police colonel.

The deprivation of Evgeny Borisov of his Hero of Russia title stirred a wide public resonance. Many supported this decision of the court, referring to the fact that all should be equal before the law. Other part of the society insisted that Borisov gained the title of Hero of Russia participating in combat situations and defending his country. The prosecutor's office also insisted on retaining his rank, but the court handed down the most severe sentence.

After consideration of the cassation appeal, the court mitigated the sentence and abolished the additional punishment in the form of deprivation of 'Hero of the Russian Federation' state award. At the same time, the term of imprisonment and the amount of the fine remained unchanged for Borisov.



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