Chechen racketeers gang detained in France

Chechen racketeers gang detained in France

23 persons formed the gang. They forced drivers travelling from Eastern Europe to Paris to pay tributes.

The French police carried out a special operation to detain citizens of Chechnya descent. 23 gang members were detained in the suburbs of Paris. They are suspected of extortion of money from drivers, reports Le Figaro

The detainees dealt with extortion racket: they threatened drivers and collected tributes for travelling from Eastern Europe countries (Ukraine, Moldova, and Poland) to Paris. According to the police, ‘the tax’ was €200. At a rough estimate, the extortionists could earn up to €200 thousand a month. 

Le Figaro specifies that the Chechens were detained while obtaining money from one of the drivers. Large amounts of money and weapon were found during the search. High-priced cars were found in the gang’s garage. 

Some of the gang’s members reportedly constitute a menace to French state security due to the fact that they have a propensity for hard-line Islamist activities. However, the investigation does not obtain data as to the fact that the Chechens have ties to terrorist associations. 

According to RIA Novosti, the Russian Consulate in France stated that diplomats are checking the data on the detention of the Chechens. 



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