Chechen collectors in Moscow had hundreds of IOUs and Boris Nemtsov’s criminal case 

Chechen collectors in Moscow had hundreds of IOUs and Boris Nemtsov’s criminal case
Among the detained there were the Chechen policemen

The detained Caucasians are members of the so-called human rights organization Za spravedlivost (For Justice) about the cases of which Crime Russia knew couple of years ago.

An informed shared with the CrimeRussia with the exclusive details of a special operation held on the eve to clean up the capital of the Chechen collectors. However, the information provided was partially published on the pages of the CrimeRussia in January, 2014. All this time, the security forces were working on the criminal group.

So, the day before, a criminal group of collectors the working methods of which clearly exceed the scope established by the law was detained on suspicion of extorting half a million rubles. According to official information of the Moscow Chief Police Directorate, the capture of the bouncers became possible after a prominent Moscow businessman, who operates in the service sector contacted the law enforcement authorities. He said that for a long time, a group of Caucasians under the threat of violence was extorting more than a million rubles from him. The racketeers were threatening not only the businessman, but his entire family. These testimonies have become the basis for a criminal case under part 3 of Art. 163 of the Criminal Code (Extortion) in the Russian MIA Moscow Department Investigative Unit of the Main Investigations Directorate. According to the information, updated by the CrimeRussia, Caucasians of brutal appearance, among which there were active police officers from Chechnya, extorted 47 million rubles from the businessman. But the possibility that this figure will increase during the investigation is not be ruled out because the investigators believe that the defeated OCG was involved in similar criminal episodes.

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The investigation does not disclose the names of the OCG members yet, but the source of the CrimeRussia has learned that the gang consisted of the Chechen policeman Saeed Akhmaev, on whom during the personal search a government-issued firearm and the Chechen police traveling certificate was found and seized. It is to be recalled that with such winner badges more than one hundred visitors from Chechnya moves around Moscow. Officially, they are seconded to the capital, ostensibly to ensure the protection of the senior politicians and reputable businessmen close to Ramzan Kadyrov. It is noteworthy that all five defendants are close to the Chechen president.

Another interesting fact in this story is that all the detainees are members of the so-called human rights organization For Justice, about the cases of which the CrimeRussia knew couple of years ago. The security forces also knew that human rights protectors rendered private collectors services. As explained by the source, the investigation has worked on the OCG for years painstakingly gathering evidence of their illegal activities. A reason for this was the numerous appeals of citizens who reported that Caucasians from the organization For Justice, using, inter alia, threats, were trying to chase up large sums of money from them.


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After the detention of the five active members of the group, the office of the human rights organizations was raided, which resulted in discovering very interesting things. For example, at Saeed Akhmaev’s a copy of the criminal case of the murder of Boris Nemtsov was found. How the materials of the case got to the hands of the Chechen policeman and why it is relevant to them is a pending question. The apartment of the Head of the human rights organization Shuaip Magamaev was raided as well.

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In total, during the searches, hundreds of IOUs amounting to huge sums of money were found, which again suggests that collectors have long been involved in what they are doing.

The prospects of this criminal case are huge, it is clear now. Due to the fact that a number of the detainees are members of the Chechen police, the case is to be transferred to the IC for investigation.

The All-Russian social organization to promote the development of civil society For Justice was founded in Moscow in 2010. It is headed by Shuaip Magamaev, who at every opportunity covers himself by the name of the State Duma Deputy Adam Delimkhanov, and the most active participant is Shamhan Shakhbiev, nicknamed Bandit, who is known as, perhaps, the main collector of Moscow. According to the source of Crime Russia, the financial source of the organization is collecting activities, illegal gambling, and drug trafficking.



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