Charges against Miass ex-mayor and Turbazovskie leader become joint case

Charges against Miass ex-mayor and Turbazovskie leader become joint case
Viktor Ardabievsky

The jury will be selected in a week.

The Moscow Regional Court ruled to merge the charges against the ex-mayor of Miass, Viktor Ardabievsky, and the leader of the organized criminal group Turbazovskie, Dmitry Zavyalov, Ural-press-inform reported quoting Ilona Bunchuk, the consultant of the department for interaction with the media with the Moscow Regional Court.

According to her, the jury for the joint case will be selected in a week.

Dmitry Zavyalov is accused of creating an armed gang and a criminal syndicate, committing 18 murders and 3 murder attempts as part of an organized group, as well as causing grave bodily harm to five victims.

Zavyalov was in charge of Turbazovskie, but he also supervised the well-known Pushkinskaya gang in the 1990s. The latter operated mainly in the Moscow region, while the Turbazovskie was in charge of Miass. The syndicate also included the former Miass head, Viktor Ardabievsky, and local businessman Ralif Faizov.

Ardabievsky is now on trial together with Zavyalov, and they share a jury.

The former city manager of Miass was detained on September 30, 2013 in his car.

He was sent to Moscow the same day. According to the investigation, Ardabievsky might have been involved in the violent murder of the general director of ZAO Trek, Andrey Paduchin, in 2005 and the director of LLC Nadezhda, Pavel Sidorov, in 2008, being a member of the gang.



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