Caucasus militant Doku Umarov's body found in Ingushetia mountains

Caucasus militant Doku Umarov's body found in Ingushetia mountains

The body of leader of criminal organization Imarat Kavkaz Doku Umarov, liquidated in 2013, was brought to Moscow for examination and precise identification.

The remains were delivered to Moscow on September, 25. According to media reports, an operation to extract the bodies of several militants, among whom, presumably, were the remains of Umarov, was held at the end of last week.

At present, all of them are delivered to one of the Moscow forensic centers for carrying out genetic examinations and identifying the liquidated militants.

Previously, The CrimeRussia reported that Doku Umarov was recognized as one of the most odious leaders among the North Caucasian militants. The Russian authorities are sure that it was him who was involved in a large number of crimes. In particular, it was him who took responsibility for the explosions in the Moscow metro and the terrorist act at airport Domodedovo. Then the terrorist attacks claimed lives of about 80 people.

It is noteworthy that information about the liquidation of Doku Umarov appeared in the media at least 12 times. The first such message was dated 2000.

Since 2013 Chechnya's Head Ramzan Kadyrov assured the public that Umarov had long been dead and said that one who found his body would "become a great warrior."

On April 8, 2014, the Head of the FSB, Alexander Bortnikov, made an official statement that Doku Umarov had been destroyed. In the summer of the same year, Kadyrov published a photo of the body of Umarov. According to some information, this photo was sold by one of those who witnessed the death of the leader of militants. Then the body of the terrorist was not found despite the authorities' assurances about his death.    



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