Caucasians attack farmers near Vyborg

Caucasians attack farmers near Vyborg

According to one of the farmer brothers, local racketeers threatened them with traumatic weapons.

In the Vyborg district of the Leningrad region, a farmer and his family have been attacked. His brother has got shot in the back of the head. 

The cause of the threats was unpaid tribute to local racketeers, 47 news reports.

April 21, an owner of a farm in the village of Baryshevo wrote a statement to the police about an attack on his 34-year-old brother and him on a rural road. Three men in a red Mitsubishi Lancer shot the former in the back of the head with a traumatic pistol. The man was hospitalized.

The farmer claims that the racketeers were unhappy that the family bought land from another resident of Baryshevo on the cheap.

However, the locals doubt this version; the one who was shot had a turbulent past.

According to a source, the names of the two attackers are already known. They are 31-year-old Transcaucasian native Seyran and 32-year-old Gadzhi from Dagestan. The first is registered in Baryshevo, and the second lives in Vyborg. Under the documents, Gadzhi has a traumatic Groza pistol.

Both are known to the police as members of the already-broken team of young athletes “MS-47.” 



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