Caucasian gang of policemen are convicted

Caucasian gang of policemen are convicted
Photo: Kommersant

One was freed, the other sent for treatment and three others were sent to prison, this is the verdict of the North Caucasus District Military Court in relation to the members of the group of robbers consisting of Dagestani policemen.

The North Caucasus District Military Court sentenced the members of the Dagestani group which included the former members of the Kizilyurt Police Department and their supporters, reported Kommersant.

The gang operated since 2012 when a former employee of the customs Gaziyav Dzhamaludinov and the criminal investigator of the Kizilyurtovsky Department of the Internal Affairs Mahmoud Haybullaev united to commit robberies on money carriers. Later, a few more people joined them including the Acting Chief of the Criminal Investigation Police Captain Magomed Pirayev, the Kizilyurt Police Chief Colonel Askhabali Zairbekov, the unemployed resident of Makhachkala Abdulmuslim Magomedov and some Hasan Musagadzhiev (previously he had been already sentenced to 6 years). The latter two served as pointer on illegal collectors, transporting money from the Russian-Azerbaijani border in Makhachkala.

In August 2012, in the Buinaksky district of Dagestan, the members of the gang in police uniforms robbed over 43 million rubles from three entrepreneurs. A similar crime they committed in February 2013. The policemen put up a post at the former building of the Road Police post in the Derbent Region and robbed two businessmen. Then, they managed to get 35 million rubles. Overall, the victims have filed civil lawsuits in the amount of 100 million rubles.

For these episodes the court sentenced Pirayev to 15 years of a strict regime colony, Dzhamaludinov got 13 years, and Magomedov - 11. Khaibulaev was released from punishment and sent for treatment. Already after committing the crime, he was severely wounded in the head during a duty assignment.

But another person of interest – the former Head of the Kizilyurt DEA Askhabali Zairbekov was completely freed of all charges of complicity in the Robbery (part 5 of Article 33 and part 4 of Article 162 of the Russian Criminal Code) and Illicit Arms Trafficking (part 1 of Article 222 of the Russian Criminal Code). He was released right in the courtroom and received the right to rehabilitation. His cousin told Kommersant that the family had hoped for an acquittal, since, in his words, "the case against him was originally framed up." Now, they intend to claim compensation of wages that, while in custody for two and a half years, Zairbekov did not receive, as well as compensation for moral damage. Lawyers of the other defendants said they will appeal. It is to be noted that during the allocution Askhabali Zairbekov, Magomed Pariyev and Abdulmuslim Magomedov asked the court to acquit them, whereas Gaziyan Dzhamaludinov admitted guilt partly.

In total, the gang consisted of more than a dozen people. Four of them are now hiding.



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