Case of Shchyolkovskaya criminal group leader is to be considered in jury trial

Case of Shchyolkovskaya criminal group leader is to be considered in jury trial
Aleksander Matusov

Selection of jury members for Basmach’s case will be held at the Moscow Regional Court on September 8.

The case of the Shchyolkovskaya criminal group's leader, known as Basmach, will be considered in jury trial. With the reference to the Moscow regional court’s press-secretary Natalia Osipova, RIA Novosti reported that the court granted a petition. Selection of jury members was appointed on September 8 by the court. By the request of the Prosecutor's Office, the court extended Basmach’s arrest until January 16, 2017.

Matusov is accused of intended killings. He is suspected of number of killings of businessmen in the 90-ies.

It is worth remembering, that the Court will examine details of the carnage that occurred on November 17, 1996. According to investigators, on this day, in one of the restaurants of Sverdlovsk, the Moscow Region, four members of rival to Basmach criminal group gathered together. They were Aksenov, Kashirsky, Parkhomenko and Zarubin. When Matusov and Bondartskov (Boldaris) found out about it, they came there to wait for them near entrance of the restaurant. Parkhomenko was the first killed. Kashirsky, Aksenov and Zarubin managed  to survive during gunfight and car chases. Aksenov was placed in intensive care unit of a local hospital, where a few days later he was shot by members of the Shchyolkovskaya gang.

The criminal case was closed only in 2011. The Moscow Regional Court’s jury found all the defendants guilty of three murders, attempt of a murder, illegal possession of weapons. Members of the criminal group were sentenced to 7-19 years in prison. Then, the decision was appealed in the Supreme Court, the sentences were softened due to period of limitation.


According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Matusov founded the Shchyolkovskaya gang in early 1990-ies. Basmach’s people did not negotiate with their competitors, but simply eliminated them. Soon Basmach’s criminal gang became known as one of the most violent in criminal circles, and its leader began to receive orders for businessmen and authorities.



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