Case of FSB raiders: fighters loaded stolen money into body armor

Case of FSB raiders: fighters loaded stolen money into body armor

According to sources, they would 're-steal' money Colonel Zakharchenko and Cherkalin.

The details of a high-profile criminal case filed against FSB officers have become known. Recall, yesterday the Moscow Garrison Military Court ruled on the measure of restraint to seven security officers. Margiev H.V. and Kapyshkin D.E. are sent under house arrest. Karelin A.A., Obolensky R.M., Urusov V.M., Chikvin D.A., Vlasov A.A. are being detained. All of them are suspected of Robbery Committed by an Organized Group (Art. 162 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). The article envisages up to 15 years in prison.

Rosbalt found out the details of the case. According to the source, the detainees worked in the Alpha Special Forces and the Vympel Special Forces group. They got into the development after cases of missing money during searches when large sums were seized have become more frequent. In the apartment of the legendary Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko, out of 9 billion ($141mln) seized, 100 million ($1.6mln) disappeared. From the house of the parents of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Federal Protective Service Ateks head Andrey Kaminov, with the seizure of 8.5 million rubles ($133,000) and $790,000, 500,000 rubles ($8,000) disappeared and $30,000 disappeared. According to the source, the amount withdrawn from the apartment of the head of the banking department of the K Department of the FSB Kirill Cherkalin had also become smaller. Recall that in his apartment 12 billion rubles ($188mln) were found.

The money was lost after the searches, in which the same employees of the Alpha Special Forces took part. It was found that they had previously taken out iron plates from body armor, and during the search they put bundles of money there.

It also became known that part of the officers of these special units were involved in the protection of large sums of money transported by shadow bankers and 'cashiers'. They were attracted to this business by operatives from the FSB Department 'K'.

Here another criminal scheme of earnings was immediately invented. Shadow financiers have all the money illegal, and special forces soldiers specialized in various searches. Employees of Alpha began to conduct unofficial 'event-searches' at such financiers. According to the source, they found out where a large amount of illegal money was being kept at the bankers, and they were sent there with 'searches', after which the cash was withdrawn. Moreover, in these cases, the fighters hot for themselves only a small part of the money. The main jackpot went to the 'pointers', i.e. employees of the K Department.



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