Case into Chekhovskaya crime group headed by ‘authority’ Pavlin goes to trial 

Case into Chekhovskaya crime group headed by ‘authority’ Pavlin goes to trial
Nikolay Pavlinov

The gang dealt with selling out lands in Moscow region’s Chekhovsky district owned by the Government.

Criminal case against an ‘authoritative’ businessman Nikolay Pavlinov and his accomplices who are being accused of formation of a criminal community and participation therein (items 1, 2, 3 of article 210 of Russia’s Criminal Code), swindling (item 4 of article 159 of Russia’s Criminal Code), as well as legalisation (laundering) of property acquired by other persons illegally (items 4 a-b of article 174.1 of Russia’s Criminal Code) has been forwarded to Chekhov district court.

61-year-old Pavlinov was detained by the Federal Security Service officers in August, 2017 in Moscow region’s town of Chekhov. The narrowly known as Pavlin and for cronies as KolYA (the last syllable is stressed), he once was an active member of a crime organized group Podolskiye. In his district, he controlled activities of several organizations, including a chain of sportsclubs Vityaz with a hockey club and a marital art club of the same name. Famous representatives of Vityaz - such as boxers Denis Lebedev and Aleksander Povetkin - came to the court to support him.

Kommersant writes that over the last 5 years, the gang managed to appropriate lands, buildings and constructions owned by the Russian Federation, as well as Moscow region’s Chekhovsky district worth of 300 million rubles ($4.5 million). Five members of the organized crime community will face the court along with Pavlin. It is known that realtors, businessmen and employees of the Federal Service of State Registration, Land Register and Mapping were involved in the criminal schemes.

Before the investigation into the main criminal case was over, six members of the organized crime community received sentences according to special procedure by Chekhov and Serpukhov city court with three to five years of imprisonment. They all will be the crown witnesses during the main trial. It was earlier reported that twelve people - including former heads of Chekhovsky district Sergey Yudin and Anatoly Chibeskov - are defendants in the case. 

Сергеи Юдин и Анатолии Чибесков

Sergey Yudin and Anatoly Chibeskov

The Main Investigations Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia in Moscow region theory is that from October, 2011 to August, 2016 - through a Chekhovsky department of a branch of a federal state budgetary institution Federal Cadastral Chamber in Moscow region - accomplices ‘updated’ data related to certain lands. Data on a land were added to the State Real Estate Cadastre in execution of the faked order related to making a land of old-pattern available for use. After the land was registered, criminals received new documents on property. After that, the land owned by the Ministry of Defense, forestry management and other ministries was resold a few times to figureheads to create a positive history and finally roll over on sell to a final consumer. There are six instances of swindling in the case now. The gang managed to legalize lands and buildings worth of 60 million rubles ($912 thousand). The lands and buildings were located in Chekhov (Solnyshevskaya street), as well as in villages of Talezh, Volosovo, Yakshino, Chepelevo and Venyukovo of Chekhov district. The area of lands was from 1.5 thousand to 50 thousand square meters. With that, the Investigative Committee of Russia notes that part of the lands the swindlers received had a status of specially protected areas and used by military men.

All property that had been illegally acquired by the defendants in the case, as well as 12 million rubles ($182 thousand) that had been found during the searches in the office of a head of a department #4 of a branch of a federal state budgetary institution Federal Cadastral Chamber in Moscow region Oleg Bolshakov were arrested by court.

Head of the Department of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in Chekhov Andrey Bolshakov was also checked into involvement in running protection of the alleged members of the organized crime group. In January, 2019, his office and apartment were being searched. However, besides Makarov gun with filed off numbers, nothing was found. 

Андрей Большаков

Andrey Bolshakov

As a result, the Main Investigations Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia initiated a criminal case under article 222 of Russia’s Criminal Code (illicit possession). Babushkinsky district court delivered its verdict towards the officer: he is prohibited to leave his house in a night time and communicate with witnesses in the case.

Another organizer of the criminal community is Pavlinov’s right hand Oleg Strekalov (aka Zika) is put on an international wanted list. He once also was a co-ownder of a hockey club Vityaz. As it follows from the sentences, it is an ice palace of the same name where meetings of members of the organized crime group take place, and the land issues were settled there, as well.  

Олег Стрекалов

Oleg Strekalov

Two years before the criminal case was opened, Strekalov managed to go abroad and is in the U.S. now where, as CrimeRussia earlier reported, he purchased a large house.



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