"Cars were cut into small pieces." details of murders committed by Kostya Bolshoy’s gang revealed 

"Cars were cut into small pieces." details of murders committed by Kostya Bolshoy’s gang revealed
Konstantin Piskarev Photo: Screenshot from video

Moscow Region’s court has carried out preliminary hearings on the case of the leader of the group - Konstantin Piskarev.

Preliminary hearings on the case against Konstantin Piskarev, also known as Kostya Bolshoy, the leader of the organized criminal group, which killed officials, businessmen and law enforcement officers for more than 20 years, took place in the Moscow Region’s court. Members of the gang collected all the evidence from the murder sites, took bodies of the victims into the woods and buried them, their cars were cut into small pieces in a special hangar. Rosbalt reports about this.

Police found out about Piskarev in 1994. On February 1, 1994, leaders and members of two Moscow organized criminal groups organized a shootout, which killed four people.

Piskarev worked as a security guard at JSC Baltschug, was an active participant in the “showdown”. He was arrested, but two years later he was released due to lack of evidence. In 1996, Piskarev organized his own gang. The criminal group initially included eight people, which had three leaders. Subsequently, more than ten people joined the gang. The bandits purchased dozens of machine guns, rifles, shotguns, ammunition and explosives.


Since 1998, gangsters demanded payments from dozens of enterprises in Moscow and the Moscow region. Piskarev became a co-founder of firms, and then seized them, eliminating other co-owners. He also created his own companies and demanded that officials and business representatives cooperate with him. Piskarev killed those who refused to cooperate.

In the spring of 1998, Piskarev became a business partner of the head of JSC Baltschug, Georgy Pirtskhalava. Together, they created several companies, including Kidov, a grain processing plant. In the late 1990s, Baltschug owed a large amount to one of the creditors. Criminal “authority” Mikhail Stepanov came to Pirtskhalava and demanded immediate repayment of the debt. Pirtskhalava told Piskarev about this, and he in turn instructed the members of his gang to eliminate Stepanov. 

The bandits found out the daily routine of the “authority” and arrived at his house in several cars, among which was a van painted as an ambulance. Several gang members went upstairs to Stepanov and began to wait for him there. When the authority came to his apartment, he was shot.




Bolshoy’s gang was based in the “Petrel” yacht club on the Klyazma reservoir. Piskarev controlled all commercial enterprises in his territory. Deputy director of the club Sergey Kormilin was not satisfied with this fact. He was also eliminated as a result.

To murder of Kormilin, the gang played out the whole scene: a man and a woman in expensive clothes drove up to the yacht club and asked Kormilin to take them on a boat to a quiet place and get them back two hours later. When the deputy director of the yacht club came back to get the couple, the gangster and five other members of his group were waiting for him. Kormilin was shot, his body was buried in the woods.

The investigation of the criminal case of Piskarev was completed in late February 2019. His gang members are charged with 21 murders in Moscow, the Moscow region and other Russian regions. The most famous victim of the Bolshoy was the mayor of Sergiev Posad, Yevgeny Dushko, who Piskarev killed on the morning of August 22, 2011.



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