Businessman Vladimir Golchevsky declared Orekhovskaya gang member, now on international wanted list  

Businessman Vladimir Golchevsky declared Orekhovskaya gang member, now on international wanted list
At the scene of Sergey Pyanov’s murder

The entrepreneur was ratted out by killers.

’Authoritative’ businessman Vladimir Golchevsky has been put on the international wanted list on suspicion of involvement in the organization of the shooting of Director of Rekstal group of companies Sergey Pyanov and his guard, Rosbalt reports with reference to a source in law enforcement agencies. According to the investigation, Golchevsky is a structural link of Orekhovskaya crime group, which the executors of the murder, Sergey Frolov (Bolton) and Igor Sosnovsky (Chipit) were part of.


Igor Sosnovsky, Chipit

According to the source, the homicide was detected as far back as 2015 shortly after the detention of Frolov and Sosnovsky, who were hiding from justice for 17 years. Sosnovsky agreed to cooperate with the investigation to avoid life imprisonment. In particular, he told about the murder of Pyanov. Prior to this, the investigators did not associate this crime with the activities of Orekhovskaya gang. After Sosnovsky's interrogation, materials on Pyanov’s killing were added to the case of Kemerovskaya and Odintsovoskaya brigades of Orekhovskaya gang.


Sergey Frolov, Bolton

The testimony of Sosnovsky made investigators close in on Golchevsky. The murdered Pyanov had a rich past in the underworld. In the early 1990s, he was a member of crime boss Durey’s group in the Kemerovo region (where Sosnovsky and Frolov hail from). The group was complicit in many murders, including of thieves in law. In the late 1990s, it was defeated and Pyanov, also known as Pyany (Drunk), moved to Moscow with several associates. In the capital, he was engaged in covering several companies. His execution is related to the redistribution of spheres of influence. 

By the time Sosnovsky testified against Golchevsky, he had already disappeared. The businessman was charged in absentia with involvement in the murder. Within the framework of the case, his property and 11 accounts in various banks were arrested. Golchevsky appealed the arrest in courts. Recently it became known that the businessman left Russia. Babushkinsky Court of Moscow decided to arrest him in absentia, he was declared internationally wanted.


At the scene of Sergey Pyanov’s murder

Sergey Pyanov and his bodyguard were gunned down on June 28, 2013 in Nezhinskaya Street in Moscow. The attack on the businessman who, accompanied by a guard, was heading for his car, was made by a "passer-by in a cap and sunglasses." He opened fire at the victims from point-blank range. Pyanov died on the spot, the guard was seriously injured.



At the scene of Sergey Pyanov’s murder

The leader of Kemerovskaya brigade of Orekhovskaya crime group, former SOBR officer Vladislav Makarov (Makar) remains at large. In the 1990s, the leader of Odintsovskaya brigade of the organized criminal group, Dmitry Belkin (Belok (Protein)), instructed Makarov to select killers from the regions. He chose several former paratroopers from the Kemerovo region, including Igor Sosnovsky and Sergey Frolov. The new brigade was dubbed Kemerovskaya. They took orders only from Belok. Kemerovskaya gang has been complicit in killings of entrepreneurs, the leaders of rival gangs, as well as members of Odintsovskaya brigade, whom Belkin suspected of disloyalty. 

In 1999, after the murder of investigator Yury Kerez, who was detecting the crimes of Kemerovskaya gang, Belkin, Makarov, Sosnovsky, and Frolov were put on the international wanted list. Belkin was sought after for 12 years. According to investigators, he maintained communication with the partners in crime through special contact men. They also monitored Belkin's business in Russia, including the activities of Odintsovskoye Podvorye Market, a large share of which belonged to a company registered in the name of the wife and mother-in-law of the crime lord. 

Belkin was arrested on April 30, 2011 in Spain, where he flew to meet with the ‘spy.’ Simultaneously, businessman Sergey Zhurba pushed Belkin’s company away from the market. In 2014, an attempt was made on Zhurba. A sniper shot him in the back when he was approaching the office on Mozhayskoye Highway. In July, a personal driver of the businessman, Alexey Zakharov was killed in Odintsovo. Then there were attacks on the lawyer of Zhurba, Ivan Leontyev, and his attorney Tatyana Akimtseva. In October 2014, the Deputy General Director of Odintsovskoye Podvorye, Vitaly Moiseyev, and his wife were shot.    


Tatyana Akimtseva

During the investigation of these attacks, it transpired that part of Kemerovskaya members remained in Russia illegally, having received passports in other names. Belkin all this time financed the brigade. Money from Odintsovo Podvorye was transferred to Makarov, who divided it among himself, Sosnovsky, and Frolov. Moreover, new militants - Suleyman Lesitov, Beslan Asakayev, and Garik Sarkisyan joined the brigade. Attacks on Zhurba and his employees were committed by Kemerovskaya members.


Sergey Zhurba

In 2015, most of the brigade was detained. Sosnovsky and Frolov were rounded up in a village near Tver. Makarov managed to escape. It is reported that it is on him that the chain from executors to organizers and ‘customers’ breaks. Makarov has been hiding from justice for 19 years. The investigators expect that his capture will allow them to find the rest of the participants in the criminal schemes. Sosnovsky, who collaborated with the investigation, in December 2017 was sentenced to 18.8 years in a colony.



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