Borman’s gang gets exposed 

Borman’s gang gets exposed
Oleg Pruteanu (Borman)

In recent years, the crime lord has lived in Spain and controlled drug trafficking from North Africa and Western Europe to Russia.⁠

The previous day, Moldovan crime lord Oleg Pruteanu, known as Borman, was detained in Chisinau along with other members of his crime group.

The republic’s law enforcement bodies say that in addition to drug trafficking, Borman’s gang has increasingly began to practice other serious crimes, such as kidnapping and killing people, trafficking in arms, robbery, smuggling of cigarettes and cars, and extortion.

Previously, Borman’s brother, Gena Pruteanu, had been detained in Portugal on charges of racketeering and banditry. In addition, it is assumed that the criminal network organized by Borman had the backing of thief in law Ion Gushan (aka Patron). In particular, his people used to ensure the safety of goods on their way to Russia.

Several years ago, Borman and Patron met in the capital of Moldova, but the police took them down.

Borman’s group has extensive ties in the government and is associated with criminal groups in Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Portugal, and France. 

In October 2015, the Moldovan media published a secret document addressed by the Russian Federal Drug Control Service to the head of the Department No. 4 of the National Inspectorate of Investigations of the General Inspectorate of the Moldova Police. It said that Pruteanu had paid $250 thousand to one of high-ranking heads of the Moldovan MIA for operative information provided to him. He promised as much for the identities of those who leak information about him to siloviki.

A native of the Telenesti district of the republic, Pruteanu once served sentence for banditry. In 2013, he created a crime group, which included about 30 people. Allegedly, the gang is involved in at least one high-profile murder, namely of crime lord Aleksey Veretki aka Krasavchik.

A native of Varzaresti, the Kalarash district of Moldova, Ion Gushan was crowned in Moscow in 2001. It is believed that he is a protégé of the once influential Moldovan еруа шт law nicknamed Miku.



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