Body with chopped head found in Moscow park

Body with chopped head found in Moscow park
Vladimir Kiselyov

The man disappeared in early summer.

Mushroom pickers found the skeleton of a man in the Moscow park Losiny Ostrov. It is already known that it was private detective Vladimir Kiselyov, who went missing in early summer, from Smolensk, Mash Telegram channel writes.

The terrible detail is that before the death his head was chopped off. It was lying next to the body.

Vladimir Kiselyov worked in Smolensk and went to the suburbs on the next business trip - in the Dmitrovka Village. After that, no one else saw him alive.

According to his relatives, Kiselyov was always short of money and began to work as the private detective. The Vladimir’s family could not help the police in the search for murderers; he did not talk much about his affairs and only mentioned a couple of times that he had to look for debtors.

A briefcase laid next to the body; the police found a tablet, a mobile phone and documents addressed to private detective Vladimir Kiselyov.



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